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Awkward!!! What Did Diddy Do? Jennifer Lopez & Cameron Diaz Girl Talk

Diddy is also among the big winners of the the 84th Academy Awards. Diddy receives his first Oscar, and no, it’s not for acting, you have not missed a Diddy movie. Diddy is actually the executive producer for the documentary, Undefeated. The documentary features a football team from Memphis, TN, and the challenges the teammates face growing up in a rough area filled with poverty. The film’s ending is just a blessing. Undefeated is directed by T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay. When the Academy announces that the Oscar goes to Undefeated, Martin overcome with joy drops the F-bomb. He later apologizes for his choice of language, but IMO, no apology is needed: Congrats!!!

We would like to acknowledge our fellow nominees, they have inspired us. They have inspired us in so many ways, they should be up here with us, actually, that’d be effing amazing!

…First and foremost I’d actually like to apologize for this. I don’t think it was the classiest thing. It did come from the heart. It was out of spontaneity, it was completely accidental.

I also wonder who’s in charge of seating, and who’s in charge of the presenters??? Maybe it’s just me, but The Academy has a sick sense of humor pairing two of Diddy’s lovers together on stage, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. Two additional surprises for Diddy in one night! I wonder what the two women talked about backstage. I”m just saying, that’s a little shady Oscar, someone should have known better!!!


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