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Tamar Braxton had to put a so called 18 year-old “fan” in her place on twitter this morning, after the young  “fan” asked Tamar about her plastic surgery? O_O Well, the young fan got an answer, although I don’t think it was the answer she was anticipating:

What cracks me up even more, is that this girl, @G_Gottiii, has the nerve to be offended by Tamar’s response. What was @G_Gottiii expecting…messing with Tamar Braxton online this early in the morning? Anyway, check out the rest of tweets when you continue. LOL, Tamar is over the top, but there is something infectious about her…

A big thank you to my girl Jessica D @Jessplainoleme, for looking out for me!!! Thanks Jess! Also tune it to Braxton Family Values on WEtv, tomorrow night, for a special episode on Vincent and Tamar. The episode will feature Tamar dealing with the complications from a pulmonary aneurism that nearly took Vincent’s life.

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