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84th Academy Awards: Viola Goes Natural; Esperanza Spalding Charms; Silence Speaks Volume; Octavia Spencer WINS!!!

If you missed last night’s 84th Academy Awards, more famously known as the Oscars, here’s a brief recap of the highlights. Octavia Spencer wins an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. It’s a wondrous moment, as she nearly faints when her name is called. Spencer accepts the award with humor and tears, thanking the the cute guy who escorted her onto the stage. I can’t say she’s a better actress than Viola Davis, but if you’ve seen The Help, you know that Minnie (played by Spencer) owns the movie.

Speaking of Viola Davis, she looks amazing as she walks down the red carpet. I am so proud that she walks the red carpet for the highest honor in film, as her beautiful natural self. Davis misses the Best Actress nomination to Meryl Streep. Oddly, I think it’s an honor to be in the company of Meryl Streep, who is probably the best actor of our day. When Meryl Streep’s name is announced, she kisses her dear friend Viola Davis and brushes Davis’s cheek. I think Meryl Streep wanted Viola Davis to win, the two worked together in the movie Doubt, where Viola Davis earned her first Oscar nod. It’s a bittersweet moment…I’m not mad that Meryl Streep wins the Oscar, just sad Viola Davis couldn’t win too.

For me, Esperanza Spalding’s voice is the highlight of the night. During the In Memoriam section of the Academy Awards, Esperanza Spalding sings What A Wonderful World. Not only is she beautiful and easy on the eyes, her voice is refreshing, clean, and technical. If you do not know Esperanza Spalding, then it’s time!!! Spalding is an amazing jazz musician. She not only sings, she also composes music, and plays the the bass.

The Best Film of the Year, is The Artist; a silent movie that won big last night. Maybe the Academy is trying to tell us less is more. During the age of blockbuster, big budget movies, plus computer animation and enhanced films, a silent film wins…a french silent film… O_-

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