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I Don’t Understand The Beyonce HATE!!!

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, Celebrity Pregnancy, Politics | 54 comments

Yesterday when I saw new pics of Beyonce post-baby, I was so amazed at how beautiful she looked with her new motherhood curves, only to get on twitter and other popular message boards and have my moment ruined with so much negativity surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy. There are still people out there that believe Beyonce faked her whole pregnancy, and I just can’t wrap my mind around their logic, considering they don’t have any concrete proof to make such allegations. Believing this mess, is just as crazy to me, as believing President Obama was born in Kenya to a teenage American mother traveling across the world nine months pregnant back in 1961. I guess it is…what it is, and  hopefully the Knowles, Carter, and Rowland families can drown out the noise of the baby-bumpers, to focus on what’s important, Blue Ivy.

I want to see more pictures of Beyonce post-baby like the one below, and I want to eventually see pictures of the beautiful Blue Ivy. The main people hating on the Knowles or the same people flocking to the internet to see more pics. *scratches head*

Beyonce Post Baby Black Sequin Dress Pic I Dont Understand The Beyonce HATE!!!

It seems like Beyonce has done everything right, and for some reason that’s so hard for people to love. I read an interesting article on Huffington Post by Rev Michael Water, about Jay-Z and Beyonce and how they have re-established the traditional family unit in the hip-hop culture. I’m scared that all of this negative baby-bumper talk is just another way to tear down the black family.  I understood the outrage with Alicia Keys and Fantasia because families were broken apart, but in this situation, Jay-Z and Beyonce are creating a family with both a mother and father together in matrimony, without cheating on or tearing apart another black family.  So why are you so mad?

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Do NOT Ask Tamar About Her Plastic Surgery On Twitter!!!

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Comedy, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 10 comments

Tamar Braxton had to put a so called 18 year-old “fan” in her place on twitter this morning, after the young  “fan” asked Tamar about her plastic surgery? O_O Well, the young fan got an answer, although I don’t think it was the answer she was anticipating:

Tamar Braxton Twitter Beef Plastic Surgery Do NOT Ask Tamar About Her Plastic Surgery On Twitter!!!

Tamar braxton Twitter Do NOT Ask Tamar About Her Plastic Surgery On Twitter!!!

What cracks me up even more, is that this girl, @G_Gottiii, has the nerve to be offended by Tamar’s response. What was @G_Gottiii expecting…messing with Tamar Braxton online this early in the morning? Anyway, check out the rest of tweets when you continue. LOL, Tamar is over the top, but there is something infectious about her…

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Ne-Yo & Baby Mama Make It Rain Rain…Magic City Remix

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Events, Celebrity News | 2 comments

Ne-Yo and his baby mama, Monyetta Shaw hit up Magic City in Atlanta for a little his and her spectator fun. Not only was Ne-Yo making it rain, he was also passing stacks to his fiance, Monyetta Shaw, so that she can make it rain rain, too. Truth be told, if I was Monyetta Shaw, I would have slipped half on those stacks into my purse while Ne-Yo wasn’t looking. All in all, the couple spent about $5000 at Magic City, straight tipping. It is reported that Ne-Yo and Monyetta didn’t have anything to drink.

Ne Yo Monyetta Shaw MAgic City Strip Club Atlanta 4 Ne Yo & Baby Mama Make It Rain Rain...Magic City Remix

More pics of Ne-Yo and Monyetta at Magic City in the ATL. Wow $5000, someone was #WINNING last night.

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