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Star Jones Squashes Beef And Returns To ‘The View’ In February

Do you all remember when Star Jones left The View originally? It was a big ole mess. Star announced her plans to leave the show during a live broadcast, catching Barbara Walters off guard. So Barbara pulled a boss move and didn’t allow her back on the show the next day. Well, it seems as if Star has let go of past issues and is ready to sit down with the ladies of The View again. According to the Associated Press, Star will be appearing on the February 22nd show to discuss heart disease in women, as a part of an awareness campaign.

It’s always a good look when people can let go of differences to come together for the greater good.  I mean, Barbara DID out Star in her autobiography by saying that Star asked her co-hosts to lie about the weight loss surgery (which had to be the worst lie in America because everyone pretty much suspected that anyway). Part of the reason they probably are moved to bury the beef isthey both had heart surgery in 2010, within two months of each other.  This is a positive outcome to the situation, I think.  I don’t know; maybe this may even open a door for Star to go back, if the opportunity ever presented itself.

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