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Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Dumbest Fight Ever!!! Marlo V Sheree

Last night, I saw the worst fight in the history of reality TV on Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was definitely interesting because Marlo and Sheree were giving some low blows, but then it just became stupid. O_o The two women started arguing in gibberish (non-words with crazy high pitch sounds like a turkey gobble) and making faces while mimicking each other, I must have hit the floor laughing hysterically. At this point, Marlo and Sheree had nothing to argue about, but neither one of them wanted to backed down. Thus, ten seconds of them making faces. SMH!

 Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Dumbest Fight Ever!!! Marlo V Sheree

LOL, NeNe face is priceless! Sheree calls Marlo out for dating an 80-year old white sugar daddy. Marlo offers Sheree a loan so that she can afford a bed instead of sleeping on air mattresses. It all just goes downhill from there… watch last night’s fight when you continue.

Wu-sa! I am the only one that watch this mess last night.

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  1. That’s okay that video was removed cause we saw it just like you described! HILARIOUS!! Marlo pulled up everything she’d seen from bloggers which made us feel like she was repeating our words! KRAZY!! Next thing Kandie will produce will be pics of Marrlo’s old white sugar daddy.The :Talls” against the “Shorts”!! It can’t be any funnier than this! I’m howling while I’m typing this shyte,but laughter is good good for the soul. Thank you soul sistah!! (WHEW!!)

  2. Oh..and don’t be surprised if Marlo’s old dude looks a lot like Anna Nicole’s dude. They all start to look alike at that age. Too bad his sperm is sour cause chic wouldn’t mind having an “old” baby.You know the song,”Have a baby by me and be a millionaire!”??

  3. That ish was crazy and so dumb! but typical. Talk about what they don’t have instead of being blessed with what they do have. I think if Sheree wanted to invite everyone that is her prerogative – she just wanted to get under NeNe’s skin by announcing what her plans were and the fact Nene was excluded. Cynthia has diarrhea of the mouth, Sheree was wrong but Marlo should not have gotten so heated – she should just walked away instead of throwing the low blows – they’re not friends by any means.

  4. lmmfao @ marlo!!NO B#TCH U WASNT INVITED! AND?!! LOL

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