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Snoop Dogg Cleans Up On ‘The Price Is Right’

Posted by on Jan 3, 2012 in Celebrity News, TV Shows | Comments Off

Ever since I learned last month that Snoop Dogg was gonna be on The Price Is Right, I’ve been hype. For real, for real. And he wasn’t a disappointment.  Snoop was pricing groceries with amazing accuracy through out the show.  From home furniture to automobiles, Snoop D-O-Double G took control of one of his favorite game shows.

‘As a kid watching you know, coming home from school, I didn’t want to go to school, I’d watch The Price is Right.

‘Loving the way it was put together, the prizes, Bob Barker, its just like the feeling is still there. It’s like it never left.’

Snoop Dogg The Price Is Right Snoop Dogg Cleans Up On The Price Is Right

Snoop ended up taking over $72,000 for his Snoop Youth Football League charity! I kind of wish he could be the only celebrity on the show this week! He was fun to watch.  The people loved him.  He and host Drew Carey could bounce jokes off each other effortlessly.  And he would get genuinely happy for everyone.  Plus, how awesome is it to see Snoop chillin in a car with his songs playing in the background? When they played the instrumental for Wet, I couldn’t help but C-Walk for a goon. Catch a clip of him helping a lucky college student and witness greatness, after the jump…

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LeBron James Finally Puts A Ring On It!!! Savannah Brinson Engaged…

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports, Celebrity Wedding | 2 comments

Savannah Brinson said yes to the man of her dreams, LeBron James, shortly after the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day. While celebrating the New Year and LeBron James‘ birthday with family and friends, Savannah was hit with a big surprise, her man on one knee. *We see you LeBron James getting your grown man on for the 2012 year.* Congrats!

Here is a picture of the couple right before the engagement. You can see, LeBron has his teammates/BFFs (Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh) by his side, along with their women, Gabrielle Union and Adrienne Bosh. Lookss like Dwayne Wade is in the running for the best man; Dwayne Wade held the ring while LeBron James proposed on bended knee.

LeBron James Engagement Party With Maimi Heat Friends LeBron James Finally Puts A Ring On It!!! Savannah Brinson Engaged...

Check out the pear-cut diamond ring, and get a first hand account of the engagement from LeBron James, when you continue…

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