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YES!!! Michael Ealy In 3D For Underworld: Awakening

In case you didn’t know because I certainly did not until now. Michael Ealy is featured along side Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Awakening in 3D. Yes ladies!!! You can watch Michael Ealy and those blue-eyes up close and almost personal in Sony Pictures’ Sci-Fi Thriller, Underworld 3D: Awakening.  Here’s a little motivation for you:

Check out more pics of Michael Ealy in the movie, which hits theaters January 20th. Plus a brief synopsis of his role in the movie, for those of you new to the Underworld series.

Michael Ealy is playing the role of Sebastian, a human once married to a vampire that was killed by the Antigens (scientists who experiment on vampires and werewolves). His character will team up with Selene (Kate Beckinsale) to preserve the vampires against human who want the vampires extinct, and against the Lycans Clan (super engineered werewolves who are the immortal enemies of the vampires). In other words think, Twilight on steroids, without the teeny-bop love plot, but instead lots of action and visual effects to keep you on the edge of your seats…and of course Michael Ealy!

Anything with Micahel Ealy in it…is definitely worth seeing.

[Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment]

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