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Let’s Discuss: Sanaa Has A Belly… + ‘Pregnant Eye’ Or Not?

Hmmm. This seems to be a hot topic nowadays so I really want to test what people feel about this. Recently, InStyle magazine and Forevermark hosted an event that launched a new diamond brand. Many celebs were on hand but in particular, Sanaa Lathan. Sanaa stepped out looking…well…let’s just say her belly area of the dress wasn’t flat.

Sanaa Lathan InStyle Lets Discuss: Sanaa Has A Belly... + Pregnant Eye Or Not?

Sanaa even addressed her picture on Twitter, after a tweeter pointed out the obviously swelled belly and responded with this:

No I am not. Next time I’ll eat dinner AFTER I do the red carpet. LOL Muah!

So this got me thinking…with her picture and even with Beyonce, people have been quick to confirm or dismiss pregnancy in Hollywood.Yes, Sanaa denied her stomach being more than just a full belly of food but how many of you really believe that?  Even with the swollen ankles, waddle walk and subsequent birth of Blue Ivy, there are STILL people out there who suspect Beyonce was never really pregnant and used a surrogate.  So then I ask you:  Is there such thing as ‘Pregnant Eye’?  Can you see a pic of a celebrity and REALLY confirm or dismiss their pregnancy?  Even if they announce a pregnancy or deny it, do you take their word or stand firm on your assessment? What say you?

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  1. her face does look a little fat… nose spread little…

  2. I saw her in London in the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and honestly she has a.stomach and
    Terrible attitude just nasty. Seasoned actors and actresses such as James Earl Jones
    Phylicia Rahad, Debbie Allen were so polite and she came out screaming at people
    And telling them she didn’t have time. Ish please she is NOT all that!

  3. Shes finer than frog hair;)

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