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I Bet She Wouldn’t Do That To Michelle Obama…

I think the Republicans want to see an angry First Lady Michelle Obama, because if a _______ @#%@& (fill in the blanks with whatever you’d like) did this to my husband, anger would be the least of her worries. I swear I want to go postal every time I look at this picture, because I can’t believe the level of disrespect. Tell me once again,  Conservatives, that it’s not about race, cause I just don’t believe you. All I can say is, I bet you *$10,000 in Romney money* Jan Brewer wouldn’t stick her finger in Michelle Obama’s face.

Jan Brewer Disrespects President Obama I Bet She Wouldnt Do That To Michelle Obama...

I’m ready to vote now!!! I hope this picture motivates you to vote this year, too.  Anyway find out Gov Jan Brewer’s excuse for disrespecting the highest office of the United StatesOh Weee! My blood pressure is high!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer traded words with President Obama after she greeted him at a Phoenix airport Wednesday.

Brewer and Obama “spoke intensely for a few minutes” after he landed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, according to a White House pool report. At one point, the GOP governor shook her finger at the president.

“He was a little disturbed about my book,” Brewer told a reporter after the incident, referring to her political memoir, “Scorpions for Breakfast.” In the book, Brewer depicted Obama as “patronizing” during an earlier meeting.

“I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president,” Brewer said. “The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. So.”

Brewer said Obama told her “that he didn’t feel I had treated him cordially.”

“I said I was sorry he felt that way but I didn’t get my sentence finished,” Brewer said. “Anyway, we’re glad he’s here. I’ll regroup.” {Jan Brewer Disrespects the President}

Between Red Tails, MLK Day, and The Help, I just can’t with this mess right now.

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  1. oooh i feel like going all ghetto and beat some respect into that sl*t.How dare her!I don’t see no one waving their fingers at Bush’s face after all the mess he put America in.

    • @,

      Forget the title for a moment, I don’t want anyone waving their finger in my face.

    • I agree. Now if somebody else waved their finger in Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s face she would be mad.

  2. What we don’t hear is Obama whispering to her “Bytch..I just grand slammed your parasite party AND “PATRONIZED” nine Somolians to rescue two of your peeps while doin’ it! Now GITCHO faded azz outta my way,my QUEEN is waitin’ for me”.

    • @reita collins,

      LOL! I wish could imagine him saying that. But something tells me he said, “I know you want me, but you’re just not my type.”

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,I initially was thinking that too!(lol)

  3. Sadly that is my Governor who was initially never voted into that seat. :( Respect goes beyond words, it includes gestures as well. I could also give the benefit of doubt that this image may be interpreted incorrectly. Whatever the case she really doesn’t help AZ look any better. We’ve gotten enough crap with the Immigration Regime. :*(

    • @Mimi,

      The finger in the face, I just don’t know what to say. That’s some hood type of mess.

  4. I agree with you it’s a level of disrespect like I’ve never seen and boy o’ boy but like him or not he’s in for another four years and there’s nothing they can do about it!!!

  5. (fill in the blanks with whatever you’d like)…Okay, how about DISRESPECTFUL, RACIST, BYTCH!

  6. Oh hello to the nawl

  7. Where is Secret Service??? Cos to me anyone getting all up in Obama’s face like that presents a threat to the president and oughta be bumrushed! Chile I wish a b—- WOULD try that with me…anyways I hope y’all vote Obama back into office just to PISS these fools OFF!

    • @iLuLuOnline, They probably didn’t know what was going on because you’d assume someone of her status would know better and have more class.

      • @STEFANY, Nah…not buying that BS…the SS is paid to do one thing and one thing only: seek and destroy any threat to the prez. As soon as her a$$ turned ignant I needed to see at least one of them stepping towards her…I want to assume that they’re out of the picture…I feel like this man has been treated differently from any other prez cos he’s black cos I know no one woulda attempted this BS on Bush…All I know is y’all Americans better vote Obama back in!

      • @iLuLuOnline, I couldn’t agree more her ass needs to be slapped!

      • @iLuLuOnline,

        I would have made a gif out of the secret service tackling Brewer. I would have watched it all the day long. Too bad it didn’t happen.

  8. i hope this lady gets voted out, she has done nothing for our state! in fact, she has turned our state upside down! her and joe needs to go!!

  9. I still can get the imagae of this bitch pointing her finget in Pres. Obama’s face. First I’m sure the sister would have come out in Michelle had she been there. Another example of white America and the disrespect they feel they can show him because of his skin. They take him for a sucka because he isn’t acting “stereotypical”. He is the intelligent man of character to be in office in probably 100 years and they can’t stand. Secret Service should have tackled her wrinkled ass to the ground!!

    • @Shoegal,

      I would have laughed if SS tackled her.

  10. This homely lookin MAN BREWER IS WAAAAY OUTTA LINE! My blood is boiling. Jus another case of white america being themselves,minus.the white hoods!!!.
    Im disgusted!

    • @prettynana43,

      Now you know all of white America is like this ignorant woman with the bad dentures.

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