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Friday Funnies: When Butt Injections Go Wrong

Friday is here and with it your regular dose of something to make you laugh your way through the weekend. In a day and age where a large posterior seems to be the ticket to greatness, there’s no wonder that butt injection surgeries have increased. And while surgery of any kind is a pricey and risky event, folks have jumped on the bandwagon, offering cheaper alternatives, which as usually a greater health risk. At this point, I’ll introduce you to one Oneal Ron Morris of Miami, Florida. Oneal is a man, who identifies himself as a woman, that performed butt injections surgeries on herself AND others. According to the police, victims have been coming forward, saying that Oneal used Fix-A-Flat, cement and superglue in the injections.

Oneal and her accomplice Corey Eubanks decided to clear things up by appearing on the Spanish-language talk show Cristina. Apparently they wanted to profess their innocence to using anything but mineral oils in the surgeries before an audience, which included the mother of one of their alleged victims. Well…want to guess what happened?  Yeah. Check out the brawl, after the jump…

View more videos at: http://nbcmiami.com.

And this is why we need to be happy with the body we got and work with what the good Lord gave us!

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