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Evelyn & Chad’s “Wedding” Back On!!! But Was It Really Off?

I find it fascinating that Evelyn Lozada’s announcements always comes via TMZ, as if she has TMZ on speed dial. Last week, Evelyn announced via TMZ that her wedding plans have been placed on hold. Evelyn it seems, is under the suspicion that Chad Ochocinco is cheating on her.

Chad Ochocinco‘s famous fiancee has slammed the brakes on the couple’s wedding plans, TMZ has learned … all because she suspects the NFL star has been messing around behind her back. Sources tell us … “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada recently confronted Ocho after she became suspicious about his behavior … and she isn’t convinced he’s been faithful.

Chad Ochocinco 33 Birthday fiancee Evelyn Lozada 2 Evelyn & Chads Wedding Back On!!! But Was It Really Off?

Well in less than a week, a miracle has happened. The wedding is back on, and Chad has been forgiven for cheating. I wonder if Evelyn is still mad at Jennifer Williams for calling Chad is a publicity hungry womanizer, publicly? It’s not like Jennifer didn’t say anything that people didn’t already know! Anyway check out the rest of the story, complete with Evelyn’s excuse for Chad’s cheating:

The strain from both our busy schedules started to take a serious toll on our relationship. Yet after spending some much needed quality time together, Chad and I are in a good space.

This is TMZ’s version of the story:

Chad Ochocinco has saved his relationship with Evelyn Lozada the old fashioned way … with a lot of groveling … and the wedding is back on, this according to sources close to the couple.

As TMZ first reported, Lozada put their wedding plans on hold after she suspected Ocho was stepping out on her.

But according to our sources, Ocho broke down this week and apologized. We’re told Ocho said he would do whatever it took to win her back and suggested the two go to couple’s counseling.

Our sources say Evelyn agreed and they will seek help to work out their trust issues.

Is any of this publicity making you more excited about the new Chad & Evelyn reality show???

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