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‘Bad Girls’ Fight Dirty: The Case Of The Microwaved Weave

I admittedly don’t know the back story to this entire brawl. But I know you have to be really pissed at someone to microwave their weave.  Amy of The Bad Girls Club apparently pushed someone into that level of pissivity because she was greated with a warmed, Power Level 10, microwaved lump of hair as she came into the kitchen of the Bad Girl‘s house.  While no one was claiming it to be their handiwork or saying if they knew who did, fellow Bad Girl Demitra committed the ultimate sin when someone is ready to kill over their weave: she laughed.

Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Fight Dirty: The Case Of The Microwaved Weave

And that point, Amy seems to take that as a sign of her guilt and proceeds to attack.  I guess the show wouldn’t be called The Bad Girls Club if they didn’t back up their actions, right? And if I had to give a winner to this fight……man, Amy cold clocked Demitra with a right hook a few times. Winner!

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