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Royce Reed DEFENDS Pic Of Son & Boyfriend Asleep…

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, Celebrity Twitter | 10 comments

Royce Reed of Basketball Wives, tweeted a picture of her boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe, and her son, Braylon, asleep in bed. Somehow this picture  has turned into outrage because Dezmon is not Braylon’s father, Dwight Howard is. Now, I’m not sure if the outrage is because people feel it’s insensitive to Dwight Howard to tweet such a picture, or if it’s inappropriate for the new man to be so involved with their son. So now Royce Reed is on twitter defending the picture, and I am not sure why people are mad.

My Heart & My World! True Love at its best! Never been so happy in Love, Peace, & Happiness!…My Lil Man & Big Man!

Royce Reed Son with Dezmon Briscoe Boyfriend Royce Reed DEFENDS Pic Of Son & Boyfriend Asleep...

Honestly, I don’t see a problem with the picture. Both parents have been separated for a while, and should be mature enough by now to handle the situation. But apparently, not everyone feels this way. So here is Royce’s response for those of you have a problem with the picture:

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Singer Etta James Dies; Dead At Age 73 (1938 -2012)

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 2 comments

Singer Etta James (nèe Jamesetta Hawkins; January 25 1938) has passed away at the age of 73 battling dementia and Hepatitis C, shortly before her 74th birthday. An extraordinary woman, James possessed a voice that is deeply soulful, or as she called it deeply, “blue”. Often imitated, and in my opinion, NEVER duplicated. So many singers have covered James’s signature song, At Last, but no other version can compare to Ms Etta’s version, including the original version first performed by Glenn Miller.  The original self-proclaimed bad girl of music, Etta James is quite  feisty, outspoken, vulgar, and not afraid of a little grit. James can get dirty with the best of them, and that is why her music is so raw and emotional.  She has overcome leukemia and battled a serious addiction to heroin. She leaves behind two musician sons, Donto and Sametto.

Today, in a new generation, many young people know Etta James as the woman portrayed by Beyonce in Cadillac Records, a movie about Chess Records where Etta James was first signed. True to form of speaking her mind, Etta James is also infamous for attacking President Obama and Beyonce. James didn’t appreciate Beyonce trying to steal her song during Obama’s inauguration, and she let both of them have it:

I can’t stand Beyonce…You know, YOUR President, the one with the big ears-he ain’t MY President–had that woman singing for him at his Inauguration. She’s going to get her ass whooped. How dare Beyonce sing MY song that I been singing forever.

Etta James Dies 73 Singer Etta James Dies; Dead At Age 73 (1938  2012)

I am a blues girl, as you know, and I love music that is soulful and emotionally deep. I just appreciate all of the music spawned (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, Ledisi) from such a wondrously flawed woman, Ms Etta James. Check out a few pictures of the singer in her heyday, when you continue…

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Friday Funnies: President Barack Obama Sings ‘Let’s Stay Together’

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Ms. Toni Laughs and Rants, Politics | 2 comments

Friday is upon us again!  And what a way to start the morning! President Barack Obama spoke during a campaign event at the Apollo Theater last night in New York City. Along with scores of Obama supporters, President Obama was pleased to know that the legendary Reverend Al Green was in attendance.

Barack Obama sings Al Green Friday Funnies: President Barack Obama Sings Lets Stay Together

And, as he put it, “to show his appreciation”, the President proceeds to go into a few bars of Al‘s classic Let’s Stay Together.  I, for one, would probably have tossed my panties on the stage.  Our President is FAHN and can SING, y’all! Check out his skills, after the jump…

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