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Diddy Spotted With Mystery Girl & Cameron Diaz! But What About Cassie?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News | 3 comments

Rumors have been circulating for weeks now, that Diddy and Cameron Diaz are more than just “friends”. Finally today, pictures have surfaced that basically confirm those rumors may based on truth. So Diddy and Cameron Diaz were caught leaving a Golden Globes after party together. Here’s where it get interesting. According to Page Six Diddy traveled to the Golden Globes with yet another mystery girl, who was not Cassie or Cameron Diaz! So where was the mystery girl while Diddy was hanging out with Cameron Diaz, and where was Cassie during all of this? Did Diddy go home with Cameron Diaz or did he go back to the mystery girl, or both? Interesting…

Sean “Diddy” Combs was headed to LA for the Golden Globes weekend with a female companion but discovered his flight had only one first-class seat for him. Rather than ditch his date in steerage, Diddy gave his bodyguard the premium seat and downgraded himself so he could fly next to his gal pal in business class. “They were snuggling under a blanket,” said a spy. When asked why he was flying business, Diddy told a passenger, “I’m fine. There was a time I only rode coach!”

Cameron Diaz Diddy Dating Golden Globes1 Diddy Spotted With Mystery Girl & Cameron Diaz! But What About Cassie?

In all of this Golden Globes hoop-la over Cameron Diaz, the mystery girl, and Diddy, I can’t help but wonder, what about Cassie?

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Bill O’Reilly Plays The Race Card And Calls Himself A ‘Brother’

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in TV Shows | 1 comment

I’m no fan of Fox News. They’ve been racially offensive for some time now. However, this made me laugh yet shake my head. Talk show host and political commentator Bill O’Reilly decided to show how down he is with Black America by playing a race card. (I guess Bill forgot about his past beef with Ludacris and Akon*side eye*) On Monday, during the Martin Luther King Day episode, Bill referred to his guest media critic Bernie Goldberg, as the whitest guy in town. Bernie then decided to show how untrue that statement was by flashing an old school picture of him and rapper/actor Ice T…and mayhem ensued.

Bill OReilly Bernie Goldburg Ice Cube Bill OReilly Plays The Race Card And Calls Himself A Brother

Seems that Bernie confused rapper/actor Ice Cube with Ice T. And Bill was just too happy to point this out.

That’s Ice Cube, Bernie. That’s how white you are. You don’t know Ice T from Ice Cube…that’s Ice Cube.

I’m a brother man, you can’t be doing that to me. I know the Cubes from the Ts.

He then proceeds to tell Bernie that he’s STILL the whitest guy he’s ever seen. Check out the clip, after the jump…

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Beyonce Designs For Obama

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity: Beyonce, Politics | Comments Off

New mom Beyonce is back on the grind, which should be no surprise to anyone.  One of the hardest working ladies in entertainment today teamed up with mama Tina Knowles and submitted a graphic t-shirt design for Runway To Win.  Runway To Win is support initiative, made up of a team of fashion designers, to support the Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Beyonce Tina Knowles Obama For America design Beyonce Designs For Obama

Their design reminds me of some of the House Of Dereon work…hmmm. At any rate, I think the people behind President Obama‘s campaign are quite innovative for working to get this started.  Other designers such as Sean John, Russell Simmons, Rachel Roy and Vera Wang are also submitting or have submitted work.  Not a fan of t-shirts?  Never fear; you have options.

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