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View At Your Own Risk: VH1 Divas 2011 Highlights

So yesterday, I was giving the side eye to VH1 for the headlining lineup. And I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as I was thinking it would be…and…*sigh* Gone are the days when VH1 Divas was something to really get excited about. In small increments, the show was successful. For instance, The Roots did an outstanding job as the band for all the performers. Which I didn’t doubt at all. Jill Scott pulled the thug tears out of everyone far and wide with her performance of Hear My Call.

But there was just something, that didn’t curl all the way over, for the show as a whole. I mean, when you have ?uestlove of The Roots already tweeting in attempts to control the slander? Chile…but, it was necessary. Check out a clip of the Amy Winehouse tribute, featuring Wanda Jackson and Florence Welch and see why ?uest quickly jumped tried to diffuse the tweets, after the jump…

2111219215324 by YardieGoals

OY.  Check out more clips, courtesy of Mr. World Premiere.

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