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Rihanna Relaxes In Barbados

Seems like Rihanna is taking this holiday season to go back to Barbados and recover in the Barbadian sun.  It wasn’t too long ago when Rihanna had to rush off stage during a concert in Portugal to throw up during a song.  But it seems with the Loud Tour all done and completed, she’s taking this time to rest and regroup.

Rihanna Barbados pic 1 Rihanna Relaxes In Barbados

She posted this picture on Twitter with the hashtag #barBADos and I can definitely see why.  RiRi is a gorgeous chick with a gorgeous body.  And she’s in a gorgeous location. I’m slightly jealous!  Check out the other pic she posted as well, after the jump…

Rihanna Barbados pic 2 Rihanna Relaxes In Barbados


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  1. she is a fine woman

    • @wisdom,

      She really is…

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