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Fan Gets Drake’s Name Tattooed On Forehead & Drake Is Shocked

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News, Celebrity Tattoos | 6 comments

There are some really…uhh…’special’ people out in the world today.  A few weeks ago, an unidentified woman decided to let the world know how much of a Drake fan she was.  By getting his name tattooed on her forehead.  That’s right.  Smack dab in the middle of her head.

 Fan Gets Drakes Name Tattooed On Forehead & Drake Is Shocked

Photo Credit: Euroweb.com

Drake himself was asked about the tattoo, during a radio interview with Power 106 by host Mando Fresko.

Drake admitted he was shocked by the picture and wants to meet the young lady to find out why she went to such dramatic lengths to declare her support.

He says, “I want to meet her and understand why and what happened. That’s cool though; I feel you 100 percent. To me that is absolutely incredible.”

However, Drake has an entirely different attitude when it comes to the tattoo artist who went ahead and did the work on the woman’s head…

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John Legend Pops The Question

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Wedding | 2 comments

The Christmas Holiday season always seems to bring out the romantic side in people. John Legend has reportedly proposed to his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, according to People Magazine. John and Chrissy were apparently on vacation in Maldives when John got down on one knee.

John Legend And Christy Tiegen At 11th Annual Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Gala John Legend Pops The Question

Not to long ago, Chrissy confirmed the news on Twitter by tweeting “he went to Jared.”  Cute! I know on more than one occasion people have whispered things about Chrissy being a cover up for John‘s alledged gay side but they’ve been together since 2007.  I think that amount of time together speaks more to love than an arrangement.  This happy news comes on the eve of an important day for John, as well…

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OMG!!! Ginuwine & All Eight His Of Kids…OR NINE!!!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 7 comments

I didn’t know Ginuwine fathered eight children. Yes, Elign Baylor “Ginuwine” Lumpkin has eight children. Where have I been? *shrugs* I just thought he had one or two before he married rapper Tonya  Johnston “Sole” Lumpkin. I was wrong…Apparently, he had four other kids by four different women before marrying Sole. Sole had two daughters from a previous relationship plus two more daughters with Ginuwine. So technically he’s the biological father of six kids, but he fathers (takes care of) eight kids, now. Check out a picture of Ginuwine and his EIGHT kids, courtesy of Black Celebrity Kids.

NOTE: Reader Gloria points out that there are nine kids in picture below and not eight. Ginuwine has only claimed eight children publicly, and that’s why the captions says eight. But maybe he’s discovered another child since his last public statement. *shrugs*

Ginuwine Has Eight Kids Family Portrait OMG!!! Ginuwine & All Eight His Of Kids...OR NINE!!!

Eight kids? We need to buy more of Ginuwine albums. Did he have to pay child support, too? Talk about lay em low, and spread em wide *in my Evelyn Braxton voice* All jokes aside, they are a beautiful family. It’s nice seeing the whole Lumpkin family together as a unit. More pics when you continue…

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Ray J Spreads A Little Love On The Streets Of Rodeo

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sightings | Comments Off

Ray J is spreading a little love on Rodeo Drive after doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Gucci and Louis Vuitton. We haven’t heard much from Ray J, after he allegedly punched Fabolous in the face during an altercation in Vegas. Remember that mess!!! Well, Ray J looks nice in these pics, by nice I mean sober and clean cut, with no shades.

Ray J gives Homeless Money For Christmas Ray J Spreads A Little Love On The Streets Of Rodeo

Ray J also takes a moment to give this random man in a wheel chair a few extra dollars for Christmas. Hopefully this a sign of a new grown and sexy Ray J, and a farewell to the gansta Ray J fighting rappers in clubs over twitter jokes. More pics when you continue…

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Lil Kim Still Got It?

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos | 1 comment

Lil Kim is gearing up for the new year with a new album. For those of you that have counted her out, this promo pic and those Christian Louboutins says she’s here to stay. Hopefully, Lil Kim focuses more on making good music, and less on fighting Nicki Minaj.

Lil Kim Promo Pic Lil Kim Still Got It?

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