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Snoop Is The Next Contestant On Celebrity ‘Price Is Right’!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Celebrity News, TV Shows | Comments Off

OK. I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE The Price Is Right!! It’s the best game show ever!! Been watching and wanting to be on it since I was a kid!! So I’m kind of jealous of this story right here. Can you imagine being called to contestants row and standing next to Snoop Dogg?? Well, some lucky people DID get to experience that.  Snoop recently shot a special celebrity edition of The Price Is Right. The Price Is Right will be having a celebrity week, featuring celebrity contestants playing for charity.

Snoop Dogg Performs At Rock The Bells 2010 Snoop Is The Next Contestant On Celebrity Price Is Right!

Snoop will be playing for his charity, Snoop’s Youth Football League, a non profit organization that teaches children about teamwork and camaraderie through football.  And apparently Snoop does well! Executive producer Mike Richards noted that we may be surprised because “Snoop knows more about the price of grocery items than you might think!”  Other celebrities will be joining Snoop as well. See the show’s TV schedule and other feature celebrities when you continue…

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Amber Rose Looks Good With Long Hair, Too!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Celebrity Concert, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Hair, Celebrity News | 4 comments

Amber Rose has been rocking the baldie for a while now, so when I saw this picture of Amber Rose with long black hair at Wiz Khalifa concert in Atlanta,  I was shocked at how adorable she looks with long hair. We’ve seen Amber Rose in wigs before, but they never seemed to fit her face. After seeing this picture, I can’t wait to see Amber Rose with long hair.

Amber Rose With Long Hair Atlanta Amber Rose Looks Good With Long Hair, Too!

[Photo Credit: ATLPICS.net]

What do you think? Amber Rose looks better with long or short hair?

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Ludacris Finds Restaurant Success + ‘New Year’s Eve’ Contest Winners

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Celebrity News, Give-A-Ways | 1 comment

Ludacris is the man of a thousand hustles. I remember when he first popped on the scene with his first album Back for the First Time and was all in our face with loud raps and a big afro. Now he’s a rapper, actor and entrepreneur. Luda sat down with Black Enterprise magazine to discuss his foray into the culinary world.  For the last 4 years, Luda has been successfully running an Atlanta based Asian Fusion cuisine restaurant called Straits.

AES 051565 Ludacris Finds Restaurant Success + New Years Eve Contest Winners

Why Asian fused cuisine?  That happens to be Luda’s favorite!

Man, it’s some of my favorite food and I never want to be typical. People think if I open a restaurant that it’s automatically going to be soul food. I love to throw curve balls to people all the time; I love to be different, I strive for excellence. Atlanta is just one of these places where it’s a melting pot when it comes to so many different cultures and styles, and I just wanted to play towards that because people appreciate good food and with a little bit of an ethnic twist to it.

In addition to the restaurant, Luda has also seen success with his brand of liquor Conjure and recently announced he’ll be starting a children’s educational site with his 10 year old daughter Karma.  Luda also stars in the new movie New Year’s Eve, which topped the box office this weekend.  And speaking of New Year’s Eve, we’re happy to announce the winners of our contest!  We had lots of entries and some really great resolutions. And our chosen winners are…

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