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Friday Funnies: Dumbest Celebrity Tweets

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in Ms. Toni Laughs and Rants | Comments Off

Last Friday of the year!  Time for a nice healthy laugh!  Twitter can be a celebrity’s best friend or worse nightmare.  That makes it pretty much a joke waiting to happen for us regular folks.  Blogger Luvvie of AwesomelyLuvvie.com has assembled an impressive list of 20 of the dumbest tweets ever twotted (ha!) by a celebrity.  Just prepare yourself though: these tweets are so bad they may even change your fandom status for these people.

Screen shot 2011 12 30 at 3.55.28 PM Friday Funnies: Dumbest Celebrity Tweets

Screen shot 2011 12 30 at 3.56.38 PM Friday Funnies: Dumbest Celebrity Tweets

See what I mean?  I think Tyrese is one of the most popular celeb tweeters, simply because he’ll blurt out stupidity at any given moment, over any given thing.  I know I wasn’t a fan per se, but now I can’t help but laugh at him.  Check out some more tweets, after the jump…

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Yung Joc Denies Insurance Fraud Claims

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity News, Rumor Control | Comments Off

Earlier this month, rapper Yung Joc‘s brother and girlfriend were robbed while at his studio in Atlanta.  And for whatever reason, some folks chalked it up to an insurance money scam. Well, Joc decided to clear up the talk and say that he had no part in the robbery.

Yung Joc Devyne Stephens Birthday Yung Joc Denies Insurance Fraud Claims

Matter of fact, he couldn’t claim for the insurance for the stolen items, because he didn’t even have insurance. *Homer Simpson ‘D’OH!’*

The thieves got away with over $50,000 worth of hi-tech equipment and rumours have since surfaced suggesting Yung Joc was the brains behind the raid – allegations he has vehemently denied. He tells local news station WSB-TV, “I’ve been seeing stories where people say this is about insurance fraud. The truth is, I did not have insurance. I was in the process of deciding who I wanted an insurance policy with.”

And apparently, the thieves made away with some hard drives containing unreleased recordings.  I remember when Ryan Leslie offered a million dollar reward for his stolen laptop that contained unreleased music as well. *Looks at Joc’s cash reward he’s offering*  Uhhhh, I’m not sure that’s gonna inspire any type of return. Check out the low-ball figure for this stuff:

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Rihanna Relaxes In Barbados

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Twitter | 2 comments

Seems like Rihanna is taking this holiday season to go back to Barbados and recover in the Barbadian sun.  It wasn’t too long ago when Rihanna had to rush off stage during a concert in Portugal to throw up during a song.  But it seems with the Loud Tour all done and completed, she’s taking this time to rest and regroup.

Rihanna Barbados pic 1 Rihanna Relaxes In Barbados

She posted this picture on Twitter with the hashtag #barBADos and I can definitely see why.  RiRi is a gorgeous chick with a gorgeous body.  And she’s in a gorgeous location. I’m slightly jealous!  Check out the other pic she posted as well, after the jump…

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Tyler Perry & Jamie Foxx Are Sued For Stealing ‘Skanks’

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | 2 comments

Remember back in 2009 when Jamie Foxx hosted the BET Awards?  He happened to do a skit featuring his old In Living Color character favorite Wanda and Martin Lawrence‘s Sheneneh in a movie called Skank Robbers. Well, it turns out that that skit actually became a working movie.  Tyler Perry joined in with Jamie and Martin, bringing his Madea character in the mix, making it pretty much the trifecta of “men playing women” characters.

Jamie Foxx Martin Lawrence Skank Robbers Tyler Perry & Jamie Foxx Are Sued For Stealing Skanks

According to TMZ, an Oklahoma prisoner by the name of Shamont Lyle Sapp is suing Tyler and Jamie for stealing his idea.

According to the docs, Shamont had the idea to unite the three characters in one film — but his version wasn’t a comedy about bank robbers … it was a drama about a mental hospital.

The lawsuit encapsulates Sapp’s idea — “A male white mental patient takes Madea hostage … He deals with phone calls from the negotiators, as Madea actually pleads for her life in a very sad tear-jerking way … Her pleas are to be very sad. No jokes at all.”

I mean…prisoners get to pitch movie ideas to people? And file lawsuits?? Well, it seems as if Mr. Sapp was losing in this case even before he really got started.  He forgot one important bit of information…

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Deion Sanders’ Daughter Puts Pilar Sanders On Blast

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Divorce, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 6 comments

Deion Sanders has decided it’s time to divorce his wife Pilar Sanders of 11 years. But according to Pilar Sanders she wasn’t aware her marriage was coming to an end, and feels blind-sided. That’s odd, considering Deion Sanders hinted at a divorce this past summer, and later retracted, after Pilar Sanders threw a media fit. This story was leaked months ago, so how can Pilar not know, but everyone else does? We’re also hearing that Pilar has already started house hunting. SMH!

Now, fast forward a few months later and we’re back to this point, Deion Sanders wants a divorce!!! According to Deiondra Sanders, her stepmother, Pilar, is full of you know what and has known about the divorce for a long time. Deiondra Sanders goes on twitter and basically puts Pilar Sanders and her lies on blast.

Deiondra Sanders Pilar Divorce Twitter Tweets Deion Sanders Daughter Puts Pilar Sanders On Blast

Ouch! But it’s not over!!! Deiondra Sanders also tweeted this picture, via Baller Alert, and she’s just warming up.

Deiondra Sanders Puts Pilar On Blast Via Twitter Deion Sanders Daughter Puts Pilar Sanders On Blast

Deiondra lays it all out there, so that people will know what’s really happening behind the scenes with Pilar Sanders…More from Deiondra’s twitter page when you continue…

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