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PICS: President Obama Kissing Another Man!!! Un-Hate Campaign Goes Too Far!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Celebrity Comedy, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News, Politics | 11 comments

So imagine my surprise when I saw this picture…Why would someone photoshop the President of the United States of America kissing another world leader, and think that it’s okay? Well, this picture is part of the Un-Hate Campaign from the United Colors of Benetton, which photoshops world leaders from around the world, including the Pope, embraced in a man-on-man kiss.

The images are very strong, but we have to send a strong message. We are not wanting to be disrespectful of the leaders … we consider them “conception figures” making a statement of brotherhood with a kiss.

President Pbama Kissing Man Un Hate Campaign Hugo PICS: President Obama Kissing Another Man!!! Un Hate Campaign Goes Too Far!

This is no different from black face. I have to disagree with the Un-Hate Campaign on this one. There are so many proud gay and lesbian couples that would pose for this campaign. BUT

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Shots Fired (Literally!) At The White House During A Drive By

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity News, Politics | Comments Off

According to Huffington Post, two shots have been fired at The White House. Authorities are investigating the shots which hit one of the windows on the residential level of The White House, where the first family lives. No worries, the windows are bullet proof and seem to have done their job of stopping the bullet, but it’s interesting that someone could possibly get this close to The White House in the first place. The suspect has not been caught, yet, after a hit and run drive by on The White House. SECURITY! *in my Evelyn voice*

the first family obama Shots Fired (Literally!) At The White House During A Drive By

Get the details, when you continue…President Obama and First Lady Michelle were out of town on Friday when the shots were first heard, and authorities have just now found the bullets from the Friday incident…

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WOW! Fat Joe Might Need To Change His Name To Slim Jim!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Videos | Comments Off

In the midst of hearing about health issues for some of the most well-known music acts recently,  this is really an awesome story to hear.  Rapper Fat Joe has lost…*drumroll* 100 pounds!! And counting!  That’s almost equivalent to losing an adult! Fat Joe opened up to CNN to discuss his life and weight loss.

Fat Joe CNN WOW! Fat Joe Might Need To Change His Name To Slim Jim!

Fat Joe says that all his life, all he’d really known was being over weight.  He’s had diabetes since he was 14 years old. Food was love and the fame gave him greater access to enjoying all of life’s culinary treats.  But it was what happened in 2010 that really changed this for him:

Last year alone, I had six friends die of heart attacks. Most of them were younger than me, but they were my same size. So I had one friend who was funnier than me. He was cooler than me. Obviously God loved him and he still died. I couldn’t believe that he died of a heart attack at 32/33 years old. He has a daughter my same age. And it was the weirdest thing. I went to his funeral. Not only was I sad, but I was just like, “This is me.” I couldn’t see a clearer picture of what’s the difference between me and him – of me being in a casket and my daughter running around the funeral home – and you know, she doesn’t have a dad anymore.

Check out the interview and get a better look at what he looks like now, after the jump…

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MrsGrapevine.com Spicy Hot Links: Kim Zolciak Is Married Now!!!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, Juicy Bites, Juicy Gossip | Comments Off

I jumped the gun two weeks ago proclaiming, Kim Zolciak as married, but now I can officially say that Kim Zolciak is a married woman. Real Housewives of Atlanta, is slowly becoming just that, a show of real wives. BTW, Life & Style is reporting that Kim Zolciak’s dress cost $58,000. Congrats to Kroy Biermann who now has his hands full!!!

Kim Zolciak Marries Kroy MrsGrapevine.com Spicy Hot Links: Kim Zolciak Is Married Now!!!

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Patti LaBelle Accused Of Throwing ‘Bows!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | Comments Off

Lady Marmalade herself Patti LaBelle is being sued by a New York couple, who accuses Patti of yelling and trying to punch the mother of an 18-month old child.

2011 BET Awards Patti Labelle Patti LaBelle Accused Of Throwing Bows!

Kevin and Roseanna Monk say they only decided to fill a lawsuit, after hearing about an incident in Houston with Patti’s entourage assaulting a West Point cadet.  This ain’t a good look for Patti, yo!  This is something…I don’t know…Mary J Blige would do. Don’t look at me like that.  I like Mary but y’all know she’s straight hood. Check out the story of what they say went down in the lobby of a upper West Side apartment building lobby, after the jump…

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