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So Rihanna Isn’t Really Over Chris Brown Three Albums Later?

After seeing the video for We Found Love, it is clear to me that Rihanna is either not over Chris Brown, or she is using the tragedy of assault to her advantage. Talk That Talk is the third album since the assault has taken place, and she is still singing about Chris Brown.

Rihanna We Found Love1 So Rihanna Isnt Really Over Chris Brown Three Albums Later?

Rihanna We Found Love 2 So Rihanna Isnt Really Over Chris Brown Three Albums Later?

Is Rihanna using this Chris Brown situation to sell albums or is there more to it??? I will tell you what I think when you continue reading…This is Rihanna’s third album since the assault has taken place, and I no longer think Rihanna is using the situation as a marketing tool, but that she is really going through the stages of dealing with a love loss and the pain of how it all ended. We Found Love is probably the most honest song she has performed regarding the assault as well as her relationship with Chris Brown.We now know it wasn’t all bad.

Honestly, I wish it would all just end already, but I understand what Rihanna is going through, and having to do it publicly isn’t easy. I know y’all think I always take Chris Brown‘s side, but I really don’t think anyone should¬† take sides, but just be fair about what might have happened that night between two teen lovers. Anyone who’s gotten out of bad relationship should know that it’s not easy moving on, there is something magnetic about the other person that keeps drawing you back in.

At first I was like not another Chris Brown song, but then I listened to it, and I get it. After a tragedy, you play it over and over in your head (Love the Way You Lie). You think to yourself, next time I would fight harder, next time he will be the one on the ground (Hard, Man Down). You act like it doesn’t bother you, and put on a face for the public, and you have fun being wild not caring what people think¬† (Rock Star, Rude Boy, Cheers, S&M). Then you realize how much you loved that person, how much of yourself you invested, and you’d give anything to have that one moment back and have it turn out differently because y’all were just so good together (We Found Love). If you can take that one moment back, then everything could have been different. The bad times wouldn’t have seem so bad, and the good times seem even better. BUT! Why did it have to end that way? Why did he have to hurt me like that? Why didn’t I just walk away or do something differently?

BTW, Rihanna is not the only one. I am convinced that Open Road by Chris Brown is farewell song, too, just done a lot more subtly with less attention drawn to it to sell records. Anyway, the two of them are maturing into adults, and next year I think the past will truly be the past. If only the media could move on, too.

But then again it could all be more manipulation to sell more Rihanna albums…(bait) IJDK

It’s incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know? Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I’ve put that behind me. It was taking up too much of my time. It was too much anger.

I really like the music he’s putting out. I’m a fan of his stuff. I’ve always been a fan. I’m really excited to see the breakthrough he’s had in his career. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have. O_o

What do you think? I have loved Rihanna’s last three videos.

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  1. Since this video was such a CLEAR hint at what their relationship was like, I’m hoping this was her final shot at getting it all out. I think we’re all tired of the story and bringing it up doesn’t help anyone involved.

    I think I like WFL better since seeing this video. And maybe this video had that story line because there really isn’t any substance to the song itself. I dunno know.

  2. I loved the video and after watching it could care less what it’s about, the artistic expression was remarkable. If she could make heartbreak benifit her more power to her. The video is def a fav of mine <3

  3. you dont know what you’re talking about. this song is not about chris brown neither is the video. cb didnt have blonde hair when they were together and he doesnt have blonde hair now. when she picked the guy for her video he didnt have blonde hair then either. its not Rihannas fault that his hair looks like that. she made an ALBUM about the guy when it happened so making a video about him two years later is stupid for you all to think that. the video is about love bieng like a drug. HENCE why they’re both drug addicts in the video. they were getting high off drugs and love. its an anology thing. and okay they were arguing in the car. there were doing other shit too so stop making something out of nothing.

    • @blah blah blah,

      Ha! Even a blind person can see what this video is about. It certainly has nothing to do with the blond hair on the leading dude.

      LOL at an “analogy” thing. Do you even know what that means? Don’t bring up analogy if you’re just going to have a surface view of the video. Trust me everything is intentional. EVERYTHING! This video is about a lot more than just drugs and a blond dude.

      P.S. – The analogy thing is called a simile (love is like a drug). The affects of drugs is metaphor for the stages of a bad romance. The blond dude fighting with her in the car, that’s called dramatization, and we all got the message loud and clear. At least most of us ^

  4. Thats my Boii

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