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EXCLUSIVE: Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment! CONFIRMED!!!

As the Basketball Wives LA drama unfolds, we see a cast of women picking on Andraya Michele Howard because she was arrested for Child Endangerment. I don’t condone parents endangering their children in any shape or form, but the other women on this show throwing shade, *whispers* Jackie Christie and Imani Showalter, have both left their children behind to be raised by someone else other than themselves. I think all children belong with their parents, unless the parent is unfit. Leaving a child behind for your mother to raise, is certainly not as bad as endangerment, but it’s certainly not a good look for a reality star, either.

I like Draya, but she is not telling the truth about being arrested for Child Endangerment. The media did not make up this story. In fact, I can confirm to you that it was not a story made up by blogs to slander Draya or Chris Brown, and please note Chris Brown has nothing to do with this case.  So I contacted the writer, Steven Henshaw, who posted the article that broke the news on the Draya case, so that I can set the record straight. I certainly dd NOT want Draya accused of something she didn’t do, especially something like this.  Henshaw not only stands by his story, but also gives MrsGrapevine.com some additional details.

Basketball Wives LA Matt Barnes Golf Gala EXCLUSIVE: Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment! CONFIRMED!!!

BTW, Steve Henshaw has no reason to slander Draya, he’s a cop beat reporter that works the Berks County Courthouse in Wyomissing, PA, and often post court cases.Check out what Henshaw says about the case, and find out why Draya is telling everyone the Child Endangerment charges are not true, even though it IS a valid case.

The case has been closed. The entire story was written based on the affidavitt of probable cause that I found at the Berks County Courthouse during my routine rounds as a cop beat reporter. The fact that no “report” or mug shot exists online is irrelevant. All of these skeptics are mistaken to think that everyone who is charged with a crime is dragged to the cellblock in handcuffs and photographed that very day. For a nonviolent crime police often charge a person by summons (to appear in court later).

She [AnDraya M Howard] was sentenced to advanced rehabillation disposition (ARD), which will allow her to clear her record so long as she completes family counseling and community service. I no longer have the report but I wouldn’t put it online if I did. For one thing, the case is closed. Plus, the probable cause that I refer to contains some confidential information about the defendant and her son. Plus I’m not even sure I’m allowed to. Regardless, she was sentenced on the charge of child endangerment, so that means she went before a judge and did not deny leaving her child alone (and think about it, what motivation would this police officer have to make up such a story. He provided vivid details of this boy cooking his own microwave meals, waiting for someone to open the garage door so he could sneak into the building, etc.)

The reason Draya claims the story is made up is because she knows we can’t get access to the original court report that is sealed to protect the minor child involved.  But there is a record and an affidavit from the police report with many of the details as reported to a police officer by the child. Draya is right she was not thrown into jail or arrested per se, but she was definitely charged with the crime of Child Endangerment, pending the completion of her ARD (terms of the deal) and community service. Once in compliance, Draya’s record will be sealed or expunged.

Draya can use semantics and say she wasn’t arrested as in handcuffed, or that her son wasn’t taken away from her, that is true, but the charges of Child Endangerment were brought against her in a court of law, and plea was entered. But even with all of this, Draya is young, and there is not a reason for the women on that show to attack Draya and throw so much shade her way. As long as she is growing and trying to make a better way, she will be a fan favorite over the rest of the Basketball Wives LA cast.

-Special thanks to Steve Henshaw for his investigative reporting. You can read the original article here.

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  1. This is a very sad sensitive situation, I hope this isnt true, but the way Jackie came at Draya was a dam shame! Jackie is 60yrs old!She should conduct herself better than that,instead of tryin to degrade Draya she needs to maybe take her under her wing,n try n help Draya! N Jackie Dont nobody want that big funny face lookin goofball husband but you!!!LOL,stop being so ugly and act your age u old BIRD!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Be a mentor instead of ganging Draya. Even with this in her past, I still like Draya the most.

  3. I have no sympathy for her she is a bird just like the rest of the cast.

  4. Okay, so I pulled the report offline myself. There was no plead entered at all and the case is closed statistically. I am in no way condoning child endangerment; however, Jackie and Laura got some nerve degrading Draya when for one, Jackie’s daughter is outting her on a blog and talking about how much of a triflin mother she is and Laura….she is just dumb for having kids with a dude that repeatedly put her and her kids out HIS house. Furthermore, I remember seeing her and her kids in a magazine and while she was glamoured up for the shoot her kids looked like shit. Imani’s hating ass was hating from the jump. I don’t like her judgmental ass and she act like her shit dont stink. Let’s hear the story behind why her baby father didn’t marry her ass. Gloria, she so damn wishy washy it’s hard to determine who side she is on, but I do believe she set Draya up to fall and the funny thing is Draya is the life of the damn show. She don’t need to be in the fake ass clique they got going on. Hell I wouldn’t want to be in it because none of them can get their men to marry them. Well Jackie husband is so gullible he would marry anything as long as he can say he can get married every year. SMDH.

  5. I really like Draya she is beautiful and kind and very confident young woman> Laura and jackie see that how awesome draya is and how she is the prettiest woman on the show> so they are trying to give her a bad reputation as a whore. Laura really why punch on draya like that you need to mess with someone you own size. you could of at least talked to her about the he say she say bull, Jackie you seems unhappy about your looks that’s why you dont like draya because she is really secure about herself and it shows. Draya you feel into Gloria trap she wanted things to go left for you. she seen you in acting classes and saw you as a threat and thats why she wanted to bring you in her circle of women to bring you down emotional, physically, and mentally, draya run from those woman they are your inside haters.

    • @psychmajor, you are so right. draya did fall into gloria’s trap, Draya keep your head up girlie, this is a time in your life where you need to start focusing on God. I see great this happening in your life Draya, your gifts are from God and people see you as a threat so you most def need to stay prayed up

      • @cheeybug17,I also like Draya and hope the best for her,but come on now…I don’t think “Pole Stripping”is a “GIFT”from God.

  6. Why is everyone acting like draya is a victim child plz she left her child home alone she did not even call to check on him and draya is a punk if u did not do this push back tell this hoe about them self and how they them self is not perfect and you u know what she got what she deserve and this far nothing draya have said about this case have been true she told Imani one thing and the group another

  7. I believe it. She never said it never happened she simply said I am not a bad mom. I still like Draya the most but this is what happens when girls have children way too young! When you have children no matter single, married divorced life becomes about the child and less about you. If her mom was and still willing to take care of her son while she was away then she should give ALL rights to her mom – you don’t leave him in the house fending for himself. – Anddddd It still wasn’t the ladies business to get up in.

  8. if this ish is the truth so be it, that’s the only thing i don’t like about her. please people lay off draya the past is behind her now she’s at aleast making a brand new start with her life this isn’t no1 else’s effin business really i could care less. that’s what laura was telling draya on episode 7 eff people let it be.jackie really has a effing problem she just can’t keep draya’s name out her mouth. i beleive jackie has a crush on draya jackie acts hard in front of the rest of these girls, but in her lil nasty world all alone she’s cummin’ off on draya’s looks/body. jackie has a on/off switch when it comes 2 draya wtf is wrong with u jackie? imani this bish was a hater of draya from the start, get a real instead of playing n ur on old wrinkle [expletive] u b better off that way. gloria please shut up & sit the dowm i really hate u the most, u have no reason 2 hate draya ur just jealous of her. please gloria take my advise don’t u never put back on that bikini really none .gloria u look really stupid, sad, mad, pityful & tired seems like u been up all nit. which i know u don’t mind 24/7 u look much older with all those bags around ur eyes. gloria u r trying 2 hard 2 b sexy like draya. gloria u couldn’t never ever b like draya. malaysia i’m starting not 2 like u as much. they’ll turning u against draya 4 no reason draya really likes malaysia. the rest of them just don’t won’t mal & draya 2gether at all, that’s so stupid of these grown black women 2 act like little girls when their old [] have gray hair all over, imaini doesn’t want a guy look how she reacted at jackie’s b. party towards the female stripper.

  9. Draya is my girl if I were her, I would not be hanging with the crazy broads. Draya get away from those haters.

  10. I think draya made a mistake and like all of us deserves another chance to do the right thing. The women are entitled to their opinion and they all gave it so they need to move on. Only GOD can judge so leave it alone.
    The women love to claim that draya is the problem but in reality she’s a sheep amongst wolves. They always have some reason to attack her. Draya needs to continue to do her.

  11. I think that it is true but they shouldn’t had came at her so hard an maybe she would of been really with them. It has almost been a year an a lot can change so they need to give her a lil bit of cred. They all seem like they have shit in there past that they need to get out an leave her alone its over an done with can’t change the past now!

  12. Wow all the girls on here are so obsessed with drays. They really are. She is on their mind 24/7 to sit there and look her up is pathetic. Shows they have no damn life. Drayas only real girl on show. Keep your head up they just wanna be you!(:

  13. Seriously???? If Draya learned her lesson, her son wouldn’t be in PA missing his Momma, while her selfish ass is in LA on TV. Period. He should be with her. She is nothing but a selfish liar. I feel bad for her SON. Not her! He never asked for this. Come on, People… She should consider herself blessed to have that boy while others with better morals struggle to have children. Again, if she learned from this, her son would be by her side, as a child should be with his Momma. This will bite her in the ASS when his resentment surfaces in a few years. And its gonna be 10x worse than it is now. Some people just don’t deserve children. Its that Simple.

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