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Let’s Discuss: Herman Cain Is For…American Smokers?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Ms. Toni Laughs and Rants, Politics | 1 comment

Last night, I walked into my mother’s home and saw one of the most puzzling political campaign commercials I’ve seen in…well…in about one presidency. One of the Republican candidates, Herman Cain, recently put out a new political ad, featuring his Chief of Staff, Mark Block.

Herman Cain ad Lets Discuss: Herman Cain Is For...American Smokers?

The ad has been a hot topic on late night talk shows and pretty potent bait for spoofers anywhere. Check out the ad and discuss what it means, after the jump…

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OMG! Draya Slept With Gilbert Arenas While He Was With Laura?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity News, TV Shows | 7 comments

I am shocked! Not shocked that Draya possibly slept with Gilbert Arenas, but shocked that we didn’t see this coming. It would makes a lot sense now. It would definitely explain why Laura keeps attacking Draya like she stole something. Now remember none of this has been confirmed, yet, so this is what allegedly happened.

According to our friends at Tattle Tailzz, Draya was reportedly kicking it with Gilbert Arenas while Laura was busy popping out his four babies. Gilbert Arenas is suppose to confirm the situation on the Basketball Wives LA reunion special at the end of the season. I know Shaunie is just loving this LA mess.

Draya Michele Basketball Wives LA OMG! Draya Slept With Gilbert Arenas While He Was With Laura?

Reach Around Radio spilled the beans on their radio station, and here are the details. Boy this is some juicy mess, but it all makes sense now.

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Tamar Braxton’s Husband Stable After Collapsing From Blood Clot Complications

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Vincent Herbert, husband of Tamar Braxton, and music manager to Lady GaGa and ex-manager to Toni Braxton, has been hospitalized. Herbert collapsed after suffering from breathing complications due to a pulmonary embolism, most commonly known as a blood clot. Bless his heart, he’s seems like a genuinely good guy, so I pray that he pulls through and recovers well.

Tamar braxton Vincent Herbert Tamar Braxtons Husband Stable After Collapsing From Blood Clot Complications

Just shortly before Herbert suffered from the embolism, news hit the internet that Tony Braxton fired Vince as her manager. Although the announcement was a matter of bad timing the split was very amicable and  happened months before the media reported it. Toni Braxton remains close to her brother-n-law. Herbert is reportedly in stable condition, and is able to communicate…

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Beyonce Likes To ‘Party’ & Khia Likes To Wig Snatch

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Twitter, Videos | 3 comments

Last night, Beyonce premiered the video for ‘Party’, featuring the remix version with J. Cole.  Not too sure exactly why the original version with Andre 3000 wasn’t used but I suspect this was just a favor for hubby JayZ.  But once the video was premiered, from out of the mist of burning oil from Church’s Chicken’s deep fryer, emerged Khia on Twitter to put Bey in her place.

Khia tweet Beyonce Likes To Party & Khia Likes To Wig Snatch

*CRICKETS* Apparently, Khia feels Bey took the idea from her video “My Neck, My Back”. *loud record scratch* Ma’am WHAT??? Check out the video and see if you can see the resemblance, after the jump…

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