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Sherri Shepherd Comes For Barbara Walter’s Coif…But Falls Short

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Over the past few days, Texas governor Rick Perry received backlash from political persons on all sides, not to mention the general public, over the name of a hunting camp of his family’s, “Niggerhead”. This topic once again stirred up racial emotions.  Barbara Walters & crew decided to bring this riveting discussion to “The View”. And who is here to bring this discussion to the table and explain the meaning of racial insensitivity to the American public?  The voice of the African American people, Sherri Shepherd. *straight face*

Sherri Sheppherd The View Sherri Shepherd Comes For Barbara Walters Coif...But Falls Short

While Whoopi and Barbara discuss the hunting ground’s name and the correct way to refer to the offensive moniker, Sherri ever being the voice of clarity takes to the stage and explains exactly WHY she’s offended by Barbara’s words.  Peep the video after the jump…

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EXCLUSIVE: Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment! CONFIRMED!!!

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity News | 15 comments

As the Basketball Wives LA drama unfolds, we see a cast of women picking on Andraya Michele Howard because she was arrested for Child Endangerment. I don’t condone parents endangering their children in any shape or form, but the other women on this show throwing shade, *whispers* Jackie Christie and Imani Showalter, have both left their children behind to be raised by someone else other than themselves. I think all children belong with their parents, unless the parent is unfit. Leaving a child behind for your mother to raise, is certainly not as bad as endangerment, but it’s certainly not a good look for a reality star, either.

I like Draya, but she is not telling the truth about being arrested for Child Endangerment. The media did not make up this story. In fact, I can confirm to you that it was not a story made up by blogs to slander Draya or Chris Brown, and please note Chris Brown has nothing to do with this case.  So I contacted the writer, Steven Henshaw, who posted the article that broke the news on the Draya case, so that I can set the record straight. I certainly dd NOT want Draya accused of something she didn’t do, especially something like this.  Henshaw not only stands by his story, but also gives MrsGrapevine.com some additional details.

Basketball Wives LA Matt Barnes Golf Gala EXCLUSIVE: Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment! CONFIRMED!!!

BTW, Steve Henshaw has no reason to slander Draya, he’s a cop beat reporter that works the Berks County Courthouse in Wyomissing, PA, and often post court cases.Check out what Henshaw says about the case, and find out why Draya is telling everyone the Child Endangerment charges are not true, even though it IS a valid case.

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2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards: MGV Behind The Scenes Look

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Celebrity Awards, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Red Carpet, Celebrity Sightings | Comments Off

The 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards brought out some of the best in the game this past weekend in the hottest city down south at the Atlanta Civic Center. MrsGrapevine.com representative, Netice Grimball, as on the scene and caught up with Executive Vice President of Entertainment and Music Programming for BET holdings, Stephan Hill

Hill wasn’t suppose to say anything about the show, but we were able to get  the scoop on what was in store for this year’s awards. I got Stephen Hill to spill the beans a little on which part of the show he was the most excited about… I’ll  leave a little room for suspense… the Ciphers, presented by Sprite, which were, if I might add, pretty cool. BET managed to get Chris Breezy Brown to spit a few bars,  and hey the kid can flow.  And definitely don’t sleep on Yellow Wolf and Royce 5’9 the flow is crazy “Hi Rhianna!”

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures. We had to sneak a few pics for our readers on the camera phone. More photos to follow when the show airs on Tuesday, October 11th, but we just wanted to share a few with you first.

2011 BET Hip HOP Awards Tracee Ellis Ross 691x1024 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards: MGV Behind The Scenes Look

More photos, and more details on the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards when you continue reading…

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Diddy Goes On A Grey Goose Rampage + His Apology

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Celebrity Apology, Celebrity Drama, Videos | Comments Off

Surprise, surprise people. Diddy participated in some dramatic overreaction during this past weekend in Atlanta.  According to Miss Jia, Diddy was hanging out at Compound and was not pleased that the people were happily sipping on some Grey Goose, with no Ciroc in sight.  Television and radio host Kenny Burns took things a step further and “gave him the finger”, which set Diddy off in a Bad Boy rampage.

But last night, after some soul searching I guess, Diddy saw the error of his ways and issued this apology on Twitter:

P Diddy apology tweet Diddy Goes On A Grey Goose Rampage + His Apology

P Diddy apology tweet 2 Diddy Goes On A Grey Goose Rampage + His Apology

Hmm. Welp. It always looks good to publicly call on the Lord for guidance when you mess up, huh?  So what caused him to start pulling wigs and slapping drinks?  Peep the video of what went down at Compound after the jump…

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