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Oh Tyra. The HELL is THIS??

Hello World! Ms. Toni here; reporting in to share a nice healthy dose of “WTF” on this glorious Monday.  So let me paint the picture. It’s Saturday morning. I’m calmly scrolling through my Twitter timeline, checking out discussions going on and so forth…

Tyra Oh Tyra. The HELL is THIS??

I spot someone post a video, going on about it’s hilariousness. Then I see them post another…and another…pretty soon, I see a few more people jumping in.  I decide that it’s time to find out what’s going on so I click on one…

What I found was a natural hair video, posted on YouTube under an account named TypeF. But upon watching the video called “African American Hair: How to comb the top of your afro”, I thought CLEARLY this was a spoof. As I watched a woman with missing edges (as if they got lost in the underground railroad and haven’t made their way out yet) go on needlessly with instruction on how to comb the TOP of an afro, I was SURE this couldn’t be real.

*sigh* Please check out what I found upon further inspection, after the jump…

TypeF.com is the brainchild of Tyra Banks. Like, for real. It’s intended to be a beauty and fashion site, for women of all backgrounds. It promises personalized tips and instructions, making sure to promote diversity by giving info (through articles and videos) for all types of ethnicity. While all of this sounds like a pretty decent idea on paper, what we actually get is hot mess like this:


I mean…homegirl isn’t even using her own hair.  And it’s not even a nice weave. And I know the foamy look of MOUSSE when I see it!  Just….WWWHHHYYYY TYRA!!! I WILL say that TypeF began to pull the natural hair videos off because of the criticisms received this weekend…but…unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  This whole thing needs to get put on PAUSE.  If I’m watching a video and it’s more believable as a spoof that as actual instruction? Chile…

If Tyra REALLY wants to Bank in on this (see what I did there? I’ll be here all night, folks!), she needs to send these over to SNL as skit suggestions. I haven’t laughed this hard from one of their skits since Kenan Thompson spoofed Steve Harvey.  Because right now, her ability to promote viable beauty and fashion tips is under “SERIOUS review”.  And by “SERIOUS review” I mean “girl BYE”.

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  1. WooooW! Now that’s just crazy…smh.

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