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I don’t know what Dina and Lindsay Lohan are doing in the picture below. I’m not sure if they are making out or if the paparazzi just caught them in the middle of an awkward embrace, but I do know there is a something wrong with this picture regardless. I seriously doubt Dina and Lindsay are on that level of insanity, but Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of jail and rehab for substance abuse. Below, you have a picture of mother Dina Lohan partying with her daughter in the club on her 49th birthday. Reports from people on the scenes describe Dina Lohan as being more wasted than her daughter. Now, if your child has a substance abuse problem, you probably shouldn’t be in the club getting drunk with her.

[Photo Credit: Egotastic]

I have heard of Oedipus and Electra complex, but what is it call when a girl is in love with her mom…More when you continue…

It all started off so innocent…but then it got weird fast. Here is the picture again, but frame by frame via Rumor Fix.

There were a lot of empty glasses at the scene, for all we know it could have been water and juice. You add a head tilt and next thing you know…SCANDAL. But mother and daughter should probably change their environment until daughter is healthier.

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