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Let’s Discuss: Humor Or Harmful?

I recently was hit up by a friend, asking for my opinion on something he read.  He shoots me the link and I look at the title of the “article”: The Wayward Woman’s Guide What a Man Wants: A Food Diagram. I see that and think to myself, well…I guess this will be another instructional tool for women on how to get a man…but this food diagram angle is intriguing…

I click on the link and I’m lead to Absolut-ism, a site where a group of bloggers share thoughts, info and opinions.  I’ve gone to this site before, for other articles. Some humorous, others borderline offensive. But let’s get back to this particular post.

Absolut ism Lets Discuss: Humor Or Harmful?

After reading it, I have to admit it was hard for me to read without formulating a less than stellar opinion about it and the author.  I can see why my friend shared it with me.  I proudly say all the time that while I don’t know everything, I do know people.  My assessments of people are pretty much spot on, within moments of any kind of interaction with them. I chalk it up to being a Cancerian and learning how to interact with many times of people in my life.

I’m all for humor and sharing the laughs, but for me this particular post crossed that line into dangerous space, with backpedaling provided by the author.  Get the breakdown of what this is all about after the jump…

The best way I can sum up the post is like this:  The author decides to help out the hoes of the world and let them know what they need to do, in order to get a man. The process is broken down into three stages and to put a twist on things, he likens them to a 3 course meal.

  • The Appetizer: The minimum needed to get a man’s attention
  • The Main Course:  The attributes you MUST have in order get a man’s interest
  • The Dessert:  The thing that will prompt a man into a relationship with you

In addition, this is literally written to the “hoes” who need it.  That word is used so much that it started to really become overbearing.  The entire post is written here.  Now, as you can see at the bottom of the comments, the writer responds to someone that they should know better than to take anything he writes seriously, especially since she knows him in real life.

Here’s my issue: In a world where women (specifically Black women) are constantly being told what they’re doing wrong and in life and what they need to do to fix it Steve Harvey, the last thing we need to be presented with MORE instruction on what we need to do, in a way that isn’t clearly facetious .  And yes, you can say that this is different because he writes about only to the “hoes” of the world, but in looking at what his criteria of what a “hoe” is…I don’t know…seems like a lot of women are unaware that they are a “hoe”. And we won’t discuss what the man is, if he feels he knows “Hoe-tactic” so well that he can lay out the characteristics of a “hoe”…

So here’s what I want you all to do.  Take some time to read that post. Then discuss this:  Is this humor or is it harmful? Are there any parts of it that you co-sign on?  Any parts you disagree?  Am I just reaching when I say that this is when you’ve passed the line of humor and walked into Insult Valley? I want to hear what you have to say!

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One Comment

  1. It was funny to me….I mean I think the comment about no father’s in the household was kinda cold because really, who has control over that and why make women who didn’t grow up with a father feel worse or like perhaps it’s their fault. I was raised by father so this doesn’t offend me personally but I do remember having a rather hard time with these knucklehead men as well and always thinking that I wasn’t lady like enough because I wasn’t raised with a woman in the household. But I digress….I do think this was for funny ha ha purposes but just like with all jokes, someone is not going to be amused, and that is fair. GO SCORPIOS!!! lol

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