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It’s nice to see that Keyshia Cole Gibson and her family are working on their relationships. Not too long ago, Keyshia Cole’s sister Elite was putting Keyshia on blast for abandoning the family after finding love with Daniel. Now, it seems all has ended well, as both Elite and Frankie are in Hawaii celebrating with Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, as they re-do their union with family and friends. BTW, Frankie looks healthy to me, despite what MTO has been saying.

Happy moments! Keyshia Cole also tweeted a picture of her huge wedding dress, and some of scenery in Hawaii. Good news: Keyshia Cole will have another reality series entitled, Family First. Hopefully we will get an update on Frankie, Neffie, and Keyshia….and see more pics of that beautiful baby boy.

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