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I’m love baby bumps, and I love babies, but I do not love conspiracy theories. How many people really think Beyonce’s baby bump is fake? I think it’s the most absurd thing, not that celebrities don’t do absurd things for publicity, but really a fake baby bump, which would mean a fake baby on the due date. Really Beyonce Birthers?!? I don’t understand why we can’t just be happy for Beyonce. Here is a beautiful woman that didn’t get pregnant during an affair with a legally married man; she’s been with the same one man for a decade, and a she is actually married to the father of her child. I know it’s rare, but it still happens. So all we can come up with is a fake baby bump. *sighs*

A little birdie told us (her publicist) that Beyonce is due in February. That’s five months from now. Anyway more pics of Beyonce at the launch of her new fragrance, Pulse, at Penthouse in NYC.

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