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You can’t get in the way of what Alicia Keys is feeling. Alicia Keys is standing by her man, happily in front of the cameras, despite the rumors and background noise. No matter what you think about this couple, Alicia Keys is determined to love Swizz Beatz on her own terms, and not the media’s terms, or what anyone in the past says about him. You have to admit that’s kind of gansta of Alicia Keys. I couldn’t do it because infidelity is a deal breaker for me, but it’s not a deal breaker for everyone else. Like Zora Neale Hurston says in Their Eyes Were Watching God, “You got tuh go there tuh know there.”

It’s an unknown fact…you got tuh go there tuh know there. Yo’ papa and yo’ mama and nobody else can’t tell yuh and show yuh. Two things everybody’s got to do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go to tuh God and they got tuh find out about livin’fuh theyselves.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are living for theyselves. I finally get it, Swizz Beatz is just Alicia Keys’ Tea Cake, and hopefully you read the book, or at least watched the movie. The love story doesn’t end well, but more importantly there are no regrets in true love. We’ve all had a Tea Cake before, just not while we were famous at the top of our game sending out messages of love under a microscope. But we’ve all have had a Tea CakeAlthough we think we’re helping Alicia Keys, we’re really just getting in the way of what she’s feeling…More pics when you continue…

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz are happy on the red carpet at the premiere of Five. Nothing holds a couple together better than a common enemy. As long as the media fights against their love, they will fight for their love, too. So let them love!!!!

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