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Rapper T.I. Is Free!!!…Again

Rapper T.I. has been released from his Arkansas prison! The Kang is back, well almost,  he has to “transition” back into society first.  So what is the first things Rapper T.I. does after being released from prison? Gets on twitter to tweet a message to his family, friends, and fans. Yes, twitter has definitely taken over!

Rapper TI Free From Jail Prison Tweets Rapper T.I. Is Free!!!...Again

Rapper TI Free From Jail Prison Rapper T.I. Is Free!!!...Again

All is not clear yet, T.I. is waiting to find if he will report to a community living facility (half way house) or home confinement (house arrest). But at least the rapper is one step closer to some freedom according to TMZ:

Rapper T.I. has been released from an Arkansas prison — and is on his way to either a community living facility or home confinement … TMZ has learned.

T.I. was sentenced to 11 months behind bars after his drug possession arrest on the Sunset Strip back in September 2010 — an arrest that caused law enforcement officials to revoke his probation stemming from a federal gun conviction back in 2009.

Chris Burke, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, tells us T.I. was released at 7:29 AM local time … and is “in transit” to begin the next leg of his sentence. {T.I. Is Free From Prison}

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  1. The 31st came………………. they let my niqqa out

  2. Shut the hell T.I. no more redemption speeches, just do what you’re suppose to do and keep your mouth shut.

    • @STEFANY,

      The first time, I was like man he may have been set-up. Although he did the crime, he was caught because of an informant.

      But the second time, I as like, really?!? Didn’t you just get out. There is no way around it, he messed up BIG!

  3. T.I. don’t worry bout people. Enjoy ur time wit ur fam like u said. Never stop blowing dat kush, cheese, purple. Half these motherfukers wish they could be u, have Wat u have. U need 2 Holla at a nigga ill peter roll these bum ass niggas. 1. East Thugs LUV, GUN TALK BLOOD.

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