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So Rapper Kreayshawn Tattoos Fried Chicken On Her Arm…

Rapper Kreayshawn reveals her latest tattoo during Summer Jam in Oakland. Her new tattoo is a picture of a fried chicken leg with a bite taken out of it. First of all, how many black stereotypes can one non-rapper embrace? Secondly, fried chicken? Really?!? That’s almost as bad as Gucci Man’s ice cream and lightning bolt tattoo.

IDK, maybe there is a story behind the tattoo. Maybe Kreayshawn lost a homie in a KFC shoot out, or something like that.

Kreayshawn Fried Chicken Tattoo So Rapper Kreayshawn Tattoos Fried Chicken On Her Arm...

Y’all can support this chick here, if you want to, BUT there is no way I can get down with someone who keeps using every black stereotype to prove her rap authenticity, AND can’t even rap. I’m going to need Kreayshawn to at least display some level of true talent when it comes to rapping before I can transcend her basic thinking on race. Anyway, check out the interview below in case you think I’m making this stuff up:

I need someone to convince me she’s not making fun of black people, for real. Like, I’m serious. This feels like a big joke, but I’m not laughing.

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  1. Kreayshawn is ignorant. She is attention seeking. She will do anything for it. Her problem is that she lacks of talent to make her credible as an artist. Please, medias check her sales, I did and despite all the hype and the money spend on publicity by her record company she has not made the big Billboard sales with her Gucci Gucci song. People are talking but not buying as they should! When is the truth will come? I am tired of MTV protecting a racist woman. Maybe we should start to boycott MTV for it.


      • @,

        I don’t think MTV is racist, not after seeing Jersey Shore. I just think if it causes a buss, they will support it. Desperate for the new thing, but sometimes they fail.

  2. “Maybe she lost a homie in a KFC shoot out” lmao!

    • @LaTanya,

      That’s the only logical answer I could think of to justify the tattoo.

  3. she is no raper she is a joke. no one is looking at her saying i wanna be like her… the things she is saying and doin are just dumb.. said what some find “funny”

  4. R U Serious? How long R we going to continue the whinning and playing the sensitivity card thing. I understand what your complaining is about but lets be real. Many people do the same as Kreayshawn and yes it looks like a joke, the main issue here is the fact that she is not black. You look at Kreayshawn as a racist but you fail to realize your being racist as well. Let the kid have fun, you can hate on her just because she’s having her 15 minutes, you can’t call her racist when you’re acting racist yourself. Let the kid have fun while it lasts.

    • @R U Serious?,

      Where did I call her racist? If you’re going to make a point, make sure you know what you’re talking about! I don’t like Kreayshawn because she’s not talented first and far most. Secondly, I don’t like the black stereotypes that she associate with rap. I would be even more offended if a black person tattooed fried chicken on their arm.

      Thirdly, I can be as sensitive as I want when it involves my money and my time. You can buy her records, I will not. [PERIOD]

      Lastly, this isn’t about her race. Eminem and many talented artist like Amy Winehouse have embraced things in black culture without reducing it to simple stereotype. Not to mention they are extremely talented.

      Now if you’re trying to tell me, she’s a great rapper, then it will fall on deaf ears because she’s not. She’s studied visual art and cinematography, so she knows what she’s doing.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, So you say your not being racial, and your offened by a tattoo (LOL) that you have no idea what the meaning behind it is? If your gonna state facts then know what your getting upset over before you blast on somebody over something havent a clue on what it stands for- LAME

  5. What if the tattoo has nothing to do with that? or doesnt mean anything that you think it does? this is conversation would be meaningless right…?

    • @Shannon,

      That is always a possibility, but with the way she’s been promoted and the things that’s been said, it doesn’t sit well with me.

      From her name to, her style, her lyrics, and Oakland street credit, plus the n-word, it just sounds like a caricature or a gimmick.

      The conversation wouldn’t be meaningless, it’s the same thing that happened win Gucci Mane tatted ice cream on his face. It’s till odd.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, again… you just need to stop. Nothing about her appearence is wrong. She cute. Now your streatching it to her dress code and where she from??? You really need to STOP IT! Now your lookin as foolish as your trying to make Kreayshawn look- SMDH

    • @Shannon,

      If she could rap, I wouldn’t be bothered as much because she would show some sort of legitimacy in the game.

      After bombing that free-style, many people are seeing her as gimmick backed by record label promotion team.

      I agree there is a need for a woman to breakout to play the role in hip-hop that is missing, but I think it needs to be more genuine and organic and not record label driven.

      • I’m confused. I thought this post was about her tattoo not her ability to rap. I don’t see the correlation between the two. She got a tattoo of a chicken leg BIG DEAL. She also has a tattoo of a cheeseburger and a popsicle next to Daisy Duck. She has her own sense of style and what she puts on her body and why she does so should not make a difference. I dont think she intentionally walked into a tattoo parlor and said” hey i want to be a racist b**** and put fried chicken on my arm!” She is young and reckless that’s what motivates her decisions not racism. There are a lot of rappers in the game that should not be there and many of them have stupid tattoos but no one is jumping down their throats. Its petty BS! Let the girl live her life without it being tainted by ridiculous accusations.

  6. Like Superhead, Amber Rose, Kim K and now this joke. As long as you feed into the joke it will replay over and over and over.

  7. WOW first the cheeseburger now this?! wtf is the world comeing to??? it’s not even cute its stupid

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