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Fantasia Joins Long Hair Don’t Care…

Fantasia has long hair and don’t care what you think about her relationship with Antwaun Cook, or her pregnancy. To be honest, Fantasia looks happy and she’s is definitely glowing. I haven’t seen Fantasia with long hair in a long time. I think the last time Fantasia had a long hair, she also had braces.

Fantasia Long Hair Baby Bump Pregnant Fantasia Joins Long Hair Dont Care...

Cute pic!

Fantasia Hair Long Pregnant Fantasia Joins Long Hair Dont Care...

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  1. I always said Fanny n Halle can rock those short haircuts like no other!the long hair gotta grow on me,I think she looks better wit her nice short styles

  2. Enjoy the judgement of God….Homewrecker!

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