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Amber Rose Wants To Be A Mom & Wife Soon!!! Wants Wiz Khalifa Babies

Amber Rose is ready to be a mother, the young talented “model” (not really sure of her title anymore), says she will be 28 in October and her baby instincts have kicked in. Don’t worry she wants to wait until after she and Wiz Khalifa are married before popping out the kids.

We’re definitely going to get married and have babies. Not right now because we’re still busy and we still want to enjoy each other first. We want to go on vacation, travel and just enjoy each other’s company, but he’s definitely the one. We’re definitely going to lay it down and get it done.

I want to be a mom really bad. I really want babies. I’ll be 28 in October and my maternal instinct is ready.

2011 BET Awards Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa Licking Amber Rose Wants To Be A Mom & Wife Soon!!! Wants Wiz Khalifa Babies

Did she really just say lay it down and get it done? LOL..Oh! but there’s more. Amber Rose doesn’t want her future babies to grow up in the spotlight, either, and she plans on being a stay at home mom who cooks…

I do not like attention at all. I don’t like to be out there. It seems like that because the paparazzi follows me and I’ll get photographed, but I’m always kind of like really low key and they just catch me. I always try to go another way so I’m not bothered or out there. I’m really shy; I like to stay away from all that like celebrity stuff. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t go to Hollywood parties, I don’t drink like that. I’m a homebody, and I love to cook. {Amber Rose Talks Marriage & Wiz Khalifa Babies}

I know some of you already know what I’m thinking…

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  1. OMGEEEEE, I hope this was a fake interview lol

  2. THAt WIZ Got his nose Wide Open, poor boy done Got turned Out,, N I gUEsS Him MAKIN 11million jus LaSt Year,Was A BIGGGG PArt of AMBer WANTIN BABIES n MARRIAgE AlSO! I HOPe SHE loves HIM LIKE HE LOVES HEr 2DEATH! *shrugs shoulders*

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