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So Kobe Bryant Caught Fighting At Church??? Maybe Not!!!

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports | 2 comments

UPDATE: Kobe has denied the claims and now the church is standing behind him. According to TMZ, the church parishioners say they only saw Kobe praying (not fighting)! Meaning no one saw him grab a phone nor have they heard of the accuser Thomas Hagos. {Kobe Bryant Not Fighting In Church} I don’t know what to believe…the other side below:

Kobe Bryant got into an altercation, at church of all places. How do you get into a fight at church you may ask? Well it all started over a camera phone. It seem Kobe Bryant was visiting a church the St. Therese of Carmel in Carmel Valley, CA, when a man pulled out a cell phone. Kobe Bryant thought the man was taking pictures of Kobe and his family. Kobe tried to grab the phone out of the man’s hands, twisting his wrist. A scuffle took place, and of course authorities were called, and a police report was made. All of this AT CHURCH!!!

Kobe bryant la gay terrorist LA Times So Kobe Bryant Caught Fighting At Church??? Maybe Not!!!

The sad part is, there weren’t any pictures of Kobe Bryant or his family found on the man’s phone when cops investigated. How vain of Kobe Braynt to think his picture was being taken when it really wasn’t,  and then attack the man at church. *sighs* Details when you continue…

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