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Help Me! White Rapper Chick V-Nasty Thinks Using The N-Word OK

Rapper V-Nasty from the Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob… I just have to stop right there, and laugh at White Girl Mob! That DON’T even sound intimidating. I don’t even know if I can finish typing this post without laughing myself into a coma, at these tiny petite girls in costumes trying to act HARD! So anyway rapper V-Nasty, is just another “hard” white chick who walked through the hood, her words not mine, and because of that walk she should be able to use the n-word without being questioned.  Apparently, there is some n-word sorority where all you have to do is walk through a hood, and you can earn your n-word usage stripes, like it’s a girl scout badge. If your music is that pathetic that the n-word is the only thing that sticks out in the lyrics, then you probably should switch to acting.

Anyway, listen to the girl’s justification of the n-word in her songs, it will make you take a long deep *SIGH*…O_o

That sh*t be hella fake, muthaf*ckas always asking Kreayshawn, ‘Why you gotta say n*gga?’ Is n*gga a f*cking race? Am I offending people? Am I saying it in a disrespectful type of way?

Due to horrible accents and language this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK…NSFW

I can’t deal with the caricatures. This is like white face (opposite of black face) or something else gone horribly wrong.  AND I think it sets mankind back no matter what your racial identity is. Post your thoughts if you will because I can honestly write a 10 page sociological essay on this mess.

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  1. She sounds like a fool who is trying to act a certain and very stereotypical way. If you can not act out a race then why so much hate from other races about another race. Evidently there have been plenty of white people trying to make a lot of black people feel as if they are acting a certain way every time that we get labeled. Knowing your back ground and paying for your chit are two totally different concepts to me. If not spending my money on you and your concept of a career is a hater then yes I am a hater. I get tired of people trying to manipulate you for your dollars when in the real you get nothing back worthy for your time or dime.

  2. the word should not be used by anyone no matter the color, or the word could be used by anyone no matter the color… at some point everyone needs to be treated the same! however they are not… i think with the younger kids they don’t understand where the word comes from with it being used so much everywhere. so when it is said it is not said with hate (unless it is from the kkk or something) and than it should be a beat down! stupid girl should not be acting like she is though, she is pushing it. she does not look cool, she looks really dumb!

    • @erin,

      If her argument was free speech, then I would still cringe, but a least it would be political. Her reasons for using it are so dumb, that it just makes me want to slap her. It’s like she’s saying, I use it because people in the hood uses it.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, you are right, i think she looks dumb all the way around. she is trying way to hard to be… something she is not.i wanted to slap her just by google her name and looking at the pics!! there is just something wrong with some peolpe!

  3. How ignorant, really SMH, sadly she is not the only one on the planet with this ignorant mentality. SN: does she have a chipped tooth in the front?

  4. I did not watch the video – I don’t need to..I can just image what foolery it is.

    This makes me so flipping mad though. White people who try to be “down” ALWAYS think it is cute to say N*gga, Just because they wave hi everyday to the black dude that work in the cubicle down the hall or when they listen to Hip-Hop and think they have adopted the lifestyle. I for one who don’t like the word – I don’t use the word..okay I’m lying I use it when dudes be acting up….like “n8gga what you just say?!?! – oh okay! I thought I heard wrong.”…but do I use it in my everyday vocab? – NO! Will I ever call my son that word? (you’ll be amazed how many times I heard my cousin call her sons little n*ggas in one hr) HECK-VA-LOOPA NO WAY! Will I ever in my life approach my brother like “hey what up my n*gga” as grown siblings he will slap me silly – I don’t even cuss in front of my brother let alone approaching him like that. White people will never learn there are some things they WILL not understand or can HAVE about this word..or our culture. They think it is cool, like saying that will make them relate to us more or gain some understanding about our culture. The saddest part is that will never LEARN and Understand what that word mean original spelling or not…but they will continue to rock it in their vocab like a new purse with some matching shoes. Whether it use in a negative way or not, they hold no respect for that word.

  5. She’s only doing it to spark media attention…Dumb bytch!

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