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Rapper Xzibit Says Planking Is Racist 0_o

Here we go again! Rapper Xzibit says planking is racist. The host of Pimp My Ride, has a problem with planking. Let me get this straight, a man who uses every derogatory word ever written in his rap lyrics including the n-word, wants to speak out against planking and black history. *sighs*

Planking is THE dumbest sh*t ever. Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, its not funny. Educate yourselves.

All his education I guess went into his deep rap lyrics about being a pimp and a playa. IDK

Rapper Xzibit Says Planking Is Racist Rapper Xzibit Says Planking Is Racist 0 o

First off “planking” wasn’t a way to transport slaves. “Packing” was the way in which slaves were transported via ships. I hate when silly people say educate yourselves, because then it makes me wonder where exactly were they educated.

What books have Xzibit read on the subject? None! He’s read the same one post that has been spread across the internet that doesn’t even have a picture or illustration of slaves lying face down in a planking position. But no one has noticed that fact. Slaves were loaded onto the boat however they fit. There were two ways, loose packing and tight packing, not planking. The more cruel the ship owner the more ways the slaves were packed onto the ship. Brookes Illustration is the most famous example of how slaves were tightly packed onto slave ships, and in that illustration, the slaves are chained face up alternating head to foot. Someone found one line out of a history book that said some slaves were even packed face down using a plank collar, and started the rumor that planking came from slavery. Then all the sheep followed without bothering to pick up a book or to ask for the original source. Not to mention the person who invented the Lying Down Game, now known as “planking”, would have had to read a book on the North Atlantic Slave Trade in order to know that some slaves were placed in prone position face down with plank collars because all of the illustrations and diagrams on the internet show slaves face up or sitting down.

If you don’t like planking because you think it’s stupid, that’s fine. It can be stupid, but that’s why it’s so funny. But don’t call it racist, when you don’t even know how or where it started, or what the word plank actually means. The planks slaves were held in does not refer to the position of the slaves, but to plank of wood used. Plank means wood, and not slave or slavery…

If you don’t believe me, just go to Google Images and type in the word “planking”, and see what pops up…Planks of wood used to build ships and decks and other wooden structure. But, don’t get all your information from the internet, go to the book store or library and just read, or take a critical reading class. Certainly don’t believe anything that comes out of the mouth of someone who thinks he’s a pimp.

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  1. I find it to be a silly waste of time n y take a pic facedown? Jus don’t make sense 2me.Well 2each his/her own. #KEEPSHININGNSTAYBLESSED!

    • @prettynana43,

      It’s silly and stupid, and that I can agree on. But who hasn’t done silly and stupid stuff before. That’s what make life interesting the dumb things you remember doing back in the day.

  2. Thank you. Just thank you.

  3. Tell ‘em girl!

    I don’t see the fixation on planking. Quite frankly when I hear planking I think of pirate ships and walking the plank with my hands tied behind my back and getting poked in the butt with a cool pirate knife as he is forcing me to walk the plank so I can fall into the ocean…and possibly drown…but that is just my thoughts.

    • @SylentDreamz,

      People act like they’ve never heard of walk the plank…

  4. While I’m not a fan of planking it’s just harmless fun (as long as your being safe while doing it!) Personally when I hear the word plank I think of wood or a board which is why people lay flat and still. Also isn’t planking a yoga position?

    • @LaTanya,

      The plank position is a yoga position face down. It’s like a push-up suspended.

  5. If I’m not mistaken Xzibit was dating a white chick a while back, so yeah he needs to shut the f-up! I hate negros who date out of their race try to yell racism.

  6. The lil planking game pple been doin got a few killed… plankin while drunk in extremely dangerous places caused pple to fall to their deaths. I think Evelyn n others started plankin in funny places to make fun of how dumb it actually is… like, ok, this is silly that pple risk their lives plankin n I’ma show em how truly ridiculous it looks…. just my take…

    N I don’t quite see how datin outside ur race equates to a disregard of racism, but I guess.

    I too think the folks claimin plankin has a racist motive r bein absurd tho.

  7. Yeah, first off for someone who raps about bitches and hoes, you would expect that he would keep quiet on an issue that the race card has not been mentioned until he opened his mouth.

    Its people like Xzhibit that’s going to make African Americans lose their legitimacy when it comes to racism claims,because the race cards gets thrown around so much by blacks without caution.

    Like come on, yes there maybe ties to Planking and slaverly, but people who are Planking including blacks are not doing it to tie into some racial debate.

    People Planked because its fun and they like the adventure in trying to out do the other. The only problem I have with Planking is that it can be extreamly dangerous depending on the levels one takes it, and some people are willing to take the risk.

  8. Those who doesnt know shouldnt speak. The “planking” fade is to each its own. Personally I thinking its hilarious who the world follows something so irrelevant. As far as Xzhibit, most people are ignorant when it cames to him as a person. Listen to his music not all is about pimps and hoes. At least he is not gossiping on “stupid” issues. He took the time to come to Iraq and support the troops. Do something postive people.

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