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Watch: Missy Elliott Vh1 Behind The Music (Full Episode)

In case you missed Vh1 Behind the Music: Missy Elliott like me I did, you can watch the full episode here. Last night instead of watching Behind the Music, I chose to watch Lemonade Mouth on Disney with my boys, but I saw all of the tweets, and I heard it was really good. Missy Elliott is a soldier and worth admiring. She talks about being molested by her 16 year old cousin when she was 8, watching her father put a gun to her mother,battling Graves disease, and growing up in extreme poverty:

When Missy was small we had butter bread in the morning and butter bread for dinner. We didn’t have running water, we were going in a pot that sat by her bed. So we didn’t have a bathroom.

Honestly, people talk about Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj, but as far as talent, skills, and creativity, Missy Elliott hands down is the best female rapper/hip-hop artist thus far.

Missy Elliott Childhood Pic  Watch: Missy Elliott Vh1 Behind The Music (Full Episode)

Watch the full video when continue, it’s heartbreaking-ly honest but also encouraging…

[Video Credit: Straight From The A]

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One Comment

  1. MISSY ELLIOT Is a. True star n my eyes! She is the epitomy of talent she is well grounded n very humble! KEEP SHINING n STAY BLESSED Missy! :)

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