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Rihanna Tells Parents Council: “I’m A Rock Star; Not A Parent”

Yesterday, Rihanna received a bit of back lash from Parent Television Council over the video Man Down. (The first video and song of Rihanna that I actually liked through and through would be the one under attack.) Anyway, the PTC felt the video promoted violence, and suggested that if Chris Brown had done the same thing, there would have been lots of outrage.

If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass …”

Rihanna Man Down Video Rihanna Tells Parents Council: Im A Rock Star; Not A Parent

Well of course Rihanna has a response; a response via twitter. At first she claims she’s a “rock star” and don’t have any kids, then she proceeds to tell parents how to raise their own kids. Just when I was ready to defend Rihanna against the PTC attack, she made a few tweets and I had to pump the breaks.

The music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US! It’s your job to make sure they don’t turn out like US.

Let me get this straight Rihanna doesn’t want anyone to tell her how to do her job but proceeds to tell parents how to do their jobs. If a parent feels Rihanna’s art is too raunchy for the cable bill they pay for, they have a right to protest and take a stand against BET. That’s life!!! If you want the freedom to make your art, please know that the same freedom of expression allows parents and other people to speak their minds as well. Anyway, here’s the rest of Rihanna’s tweets.

Rihanna Twitter Man Down Parents Angry Rihanna Tells Parents Council: Im A Rock Star; Not A Parent

LOL at I’m just girl!  Now she’s just a girl…Anyway, I liked the video!

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  1. She is right, I tell my daughters all the time celebrities are not role models, they live a totally different lifestyle and I teach my children class, integrity, morals, and how to be lady and not let her azz or breast show. Rhianna is the exact opposite of what a classy lady is.

    • @ExpressOpinions,

      She is right, she’s not role model, but she is the last person to give advice about raising kids. Until she has one, she won’t understand the influence she has over teens.

      Look at Madonna, she didn’t even want her daughter watching TV, let a long see her perform. She kept Lordis sheltered.

      Last but not least you can’t hide behind Rock Star forever, even Prince learned that lesson. She’s young she should enjoy life, but it wouldn’t hurt if she considered the age of her true fans. Not too many adults are bumping Rihanna.

    • @ExpressOpinions,

      Agrees. But even the best parent can’t keep this crap out of their kids lives without locking them up in the house. I wish I was more wise about things when I was young, but hopefully with maturity, Rihanna will know the difference between selling out for the dollar and really caring about the effect and impact of her music.

  2. I agree Rihanna is not a parent, but I thought the gun and shooting scene was a bit much considering the age of most of her fans.

    • @STEFANY,

      It was too much for her audience, but it was the first video where she wasn’t JUST grinding and making love to the camera. It had a story, she acted a little, BUT it was violent, no doubt.

      How have you been?

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        it was the first video where she wasn’t JUST grinding and making love to the camera
        LOL! I’m doing good Mrs Grapevine, thanks for asking.

  3. she should be ashame to say ” dont let them turn out like us” because she is not a parent. please do not come back to my country and shot a video like that, please go back to your home town with it.

    • @Sodopop,

      That’s what got me. Don’t let them turn out like us implies that you’re not a good person. That’s what a crackhead father would say to his son, “Don’t turn out like me.”

  4. she dumb as shit…all she had to do was put a disclaimer at the end of the video with a hotline number or a web site stating to girls of their alternatives…yeah she is a parent but she showed the video on a program geared at kids.

    • @oh my,

      So true…LMBO! and call it a day

  5. not a parent*

  6. I am not a Rhi fan and I was appalled at her tweets. Rhi knows she has a target audience and her target audience are way younger than her. I think she is too young to be doing the things she does anyway. I was another post and a mother said she lets her 5 and 7 year old listen to her cd but not the song S&M. Obviously Rhi doesn’t care about her younger audience and the parents who allow their chilren to enjoy her “art”. I have a daughter and I would never let her or my son listen to to Rhi, she’s not a role model and she’s not even a rock star. This is why I buy children Cd’s..but that is another story. Rhi’s attitude need a little fine tuning if she expects longevity in her talentless career.

    • @SylentDreamz,

      I just made she calls most of it art, and had the nerve to say she’s a rock star. I pop star maybe…

  7. I like the video, if parents have a problem with it don’t let your kids watch it

    • @Sassy24,

      If only it was that easy. Perhaps parents should gouge out their kids eyes. I don’t think most parents show their kids these videos. I think kids seek them on their own. Not Rihanna’s fault that kids watch, but if her audience are mostly kids, them perhaps her material should be more sensitive to the fact.

      Let’s be honest, not a lot of mature 30 year old women buying her music compared 14 tear olds

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