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Fantasia Pregnant Or Not? From Bikini Fab To One Piece!

Fantasia has been denying pregnancy rumors for a few months now, and my theory on the subject is that time will tell. Well, is it time, because Fantasia is certainly gaining weight, and most of it is in her baby bump region. Fantasia is usually very generous with showing off her skin, but lately she has traded in the hot bikinis and sexy mini dresses, for one piece swimsuits and over-sized clothing. She initially said the weight gain was for a movie role, Mahalia Jackson, but she seems to be gaining most of it in her belly in a baby bump like shape. That’s all I’m saying…

Fantasia Baby Bump Revealed Fantasia Pregnant Or Not? From Bikini Fab To One Piece!

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Continue reading to see what Fantasia looked like before in her bikini versus now in her one piece…I don’t blame her for trying to hide it after all the drama from last year.

Fantasia In Bikini 2 Fantasia Pregnant Or Not? From Bikini Fab To One Piece!

Fantasia In Bikini Fantasia Pregnant Or Not? From Bikini Fab To One Piece!

And if she’s not pregnant, then I feel bad!

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  1. Fantansia is simply disgusting, she looks like tatted trash. It’s sad that her self-esteem and self- worth is soooo low that she can’t see pass that trifling negro’s good looks and light skin to realize that she’s being used.

    • @STEFANY, You basically just talked about every young girl “black” girl in the hood. She’s accomplished a lot and I’m proud of her despite the men she choose, or the tats she will permanately have. She’s talented and she’s paved the way for black girls in the hood to follow their dream despite their hard time…#just my opinion

  2. how come no one really talks bad about what Alicia Keys did but STAY on Fantasia???? jus asking

  3. She looks so nasty! She looks a hot-a$$ ghetto mess !!

  4. Nobody has the perfect body so I won’t say she looks like trash. It is true she is putting on pounds for her upcoming movie role, where the weight shows is different for each person. So I am 50/50 on this one but give it a month or so and you will be able to tell for sure….If she is pregnant I hope his divorce is final and she is happy, that is all….

    • @koko,

      I agree no one has the perfect body, and if they do, then they don’t have the perfect face.

      It’s nothing wrong with Fantasia. I just want to know if she’s pregnant?

  5. ily fantasia and keep yhur hand uph high dont let no one but yhu down

  6. linda ola coma vai bejo para voce 87/95830

  7. Obviously she values her child’s father more than she does her daughter & herself….i mean no man is worth taking your life over if it’s not for GOD…..

  8. BTW!!! None of these celebs are role models, they’re sleeping with Tom, Dick and Harry, like the average norm person is doing, & having kids out of wedlock as well….so Fantaisa is doing what Fantaisa was doing before she became celeberty status…..just my opinion!!!!

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