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So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again…(PROOF) In The Shoes

Today Amber Rose went on twitter to call herself a victim of a horrible crime. Nude pics of Amber Rose were leaked again, and MTO of all places had the leaked pictures, again. Amber Rose got on twitter to express her discuss and outrage about the leak pictures, calling blogs evil. Mind you most blogs didn’t even post the pictures, and it probably wouldn’t have created a buzz if she didn’t talk about it on twitter. Anyway while expressing her outrage, she said the pics were two and the half years old, and someone who worked for her stole them. The only problem is that Miss Amber Rose is wearing shoes that came out just one year ago in May of 2010.  Those pics can’t be  two and half years old because the shoes are barely over a year.

I was gonna wait until my radio show to address this but I want to say this now. I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately Wiz & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day. Those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in my computer. I’m really hurt & embarr#!@%*#ed because I have so many young girls that look up to me. I would never put those pics out of myself.

Thanks to The Chic Factory I was able to remember where I saw the shoes before. Anyway, Tash HUNC has the proof. The shoes shown below are the Ruthie Davis Beach Tri-Tone Multi Ankle Strappy Sandals.

Amber Rose Ruthie Davis Shoes 2 So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again...(PROOF) In The Shoes

Check out these same shoes that Amber Rose wore on the red carpet last year in May of 2010 to a party hosted by Nylon Magazine. They look just like the ones she has on in the new leaked nude pics on MTO (below)

Amber Rose Leaked Nude Pics Shoes Ruthie Davis So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again...(PROOF) In The Shoes

Amber Rose Ruthie Davis Shoes So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again...(PROOF) In The Shoes

These shoes were also featured on Necole Bitchie on May 14th, and on Entertainment Rundown as well on May 13th.

Amber Rose Ruthie Davis Shoes 3 So Amber Rose Got Caught Leaking Her Own Pictures Again...(PROOF) In The Shoes

First of all, how many nude pics will be leaked of this one person? You would think she would erase them all by now.

Secondly, who keeps old nude pics on their computer that they sent to an ex-man while they’re with a new man (Wiz Khalifa)?

Thirdly, why does MTO keep getting the pics or World Star Hip Hop? Same difference...Can I get the leak exclusive. I once was a Amber Rose fan.

Lastly, why go on twitter to act like a victim knowing your shoes can’t be two and half years old? We all know Kanye West money had to buy those shoes.

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  1. chhh, Please amber dont no one look up to you .

    • @susan, That was actually going to be my last point……Amber fukin ROSe…..who looks up to somebody posting and posting pictures doin that???? Ill Wait……O OK How Delusional!!!!

    • @susan,


  2. Even if she did leak pics so wht other ppl do it all the time I see no1 makin a fuss about tht damn she’s human 1st ppl need to gtfu shit happens

    • @,

      You must not read a lot of blogs. We make a fuss whenever we think someone leaked pics (i.e. Rihanna, Chris Brown, Hosea Chanchez, That Smollett Kid, and so and so on).

      Ish happens, means it’s an accident. If you leak your own pics it’s not an “ish happens”.

  3. This whore is delusional and an attention seeker. Kanye scraped her ass up off the strip club floor and wifed her, now she’s on to the next hottest rapper. Once Wiz grows cold she will be on to the next. This trick is 30 years old, no education, nothing to fall back on but what’s between her legs

    • @Hot Gorl,

      Y’all have to stop calling her out of name. Amber is about her business, what that business is, and what that business is, I’m not sure.

  4. I’m trying to figure out why a stripper cares about nude pics??? O_o

    • @, I’m tyring to figure out the same. Why would she care when she has already shown her nude body to millions?

    • @, U really think she care…lol she only care about is keep all other jobs if she dont play the victim they might turn her down. once a hoe and always a hoe. after Kanye get u out and she should have upgrade herself on different level but hoe think pussy is selling…stupid bytch!!!

  5. First I hope dat dis get back to dat [beep] amber rose who looks up to her shes a [beep] in my eyes I reAlly dnt now y people give her da time of day im no hater but dam can people stop shes a nobody but a [Beeeeeeep Censored]

  6. Its just sad. Even if someone did steal the pics and you knew who it was (I highly doubt it) I feel like you could get an injuction in court or pay them off. Wiz is running around buying you 16,000 worth of shoes, he could have paid them off to protect her “brand”.

    Hell she can’t even do Playboy now.

    • @Mrs Windy City,

      The whole thing was suspicious, and it still is. She chose 2.5 years for a reason and the narrative unfolds.

    • @Mrs Windy City, Why she can’t do playboy? I thought that was one place she can go to

      • @ConstanceMarieLarrieux, Playboy dont want her. have u ever seen a former stripper was on playboy…she wish lol

      • @Guest, all the playboy girls are former strippers and pornstars-duhhhh!


  8. Thing is she pierced her nipples after Kanye and the Christian Louboutin ankle boots pics don’t show piercing. Those might be old?

  9. Lord, I wish I could quit my job and be this girls publicist, manager…she needs a good one like kim k’s momma, quick.

    I believe that she kept the pixs on her computer…why not they are fabulous and it’s her personal pix and understanding her background I’m sure she’s got a lot more. Also, I think these pix are from when she was with Kayne judging by her size…anywhoo…I definitely think these are old pix. She’s needs new management fast…I’m a huge fan, but I would definitely do things differently. The whole me and wiz knew about this but didn’t say anything…what does wiz have to do with it…ooooooh amber….

    • @yusufwife,

      I know, I wish I could be her publicist too. I wouldn’t let her go on twitter and say anything.

      • @MrsGrapevine, you mean you would control her twitter account and tweet for her, as her publicist. I really like her…this is disturbing…i don’t think she leaked her own pix for publicity, but I do think she needs some serious professional guidance. Love the site.

  10. Meh, I’m still not convinced they’re recent. Stripping actually pays pretty well, considering she worked at one of the more popular and upscale, if you will, strip clubs before Kanye, so why is it impossible that she bought the shoes herself? I’m gonna need to see the receipts.

    Anyway, I don’t know why everyone’s so mad at her. Wiz tweeted that he doesn’t give a damn about no leaked pictures, Nicki confirmed that the story accompanying the pictures was false, so if they like it, I love it. *#kanyeshrug* It’s her body, she’s not sleeping with my man, so I don’t see why I should get so invested in it.

    Some of you sure do care a lot about a “slew no one cares about”. Just saying.

    • @Money,

      This is not about nude pics. I just notice she wasn’t telling the truth when it came to the dates. A big time gap!

      If you want to leak your pics go ahead. I agree it’s her body, but don’t go on twitter playing the victim card.

  11. Not suprised she leaked her own photos that is all

  12. Amber loves the spotlight! Embarassed? N appauld?? LMAOOooo, gurl pls,weren’t u a stripper? Well good part is,she doesn’t have kids,so she doesn’t have to explain sh!t 2nobody! If I had a body like hers n no kids n was a fame whore,lol,I wud prolly do the same!lmaoooo,jus keepin it real yall! LOL

    • @prettynana43, Why is it impossible for you to believe that Amber is maturing? When you are young you think differently about sex than when you mature. Amber of course felt embarressed because she has worked on improving the way she sees herself only to have someone try and throw “what she used to be” back in her face. Amber is a woman who is probably ready to transition into a wife. Women do get modest when they come into that stage in life.

  13. Uggh…I wish this irrelevance would just disappear. Nobody cares abt these women anymore….#sosickofthem

    • I love how you call it “irrelevant”, and that you “wish they would just disappear”, and you’re ‘so sick of them’, and you describe how they don’t matter anymore when YOU, and anyone else who shares these feelings, my friend, are the one keepin them (apparently) relevant and visiting the site’s pages that you KNOW are about them and take the time to comment. Please. Stop with that annoyance. If they weren’t here, neither would you be.

  14. uummm since when do girls look up to amber rose??? lmfao she better stop it! she know she leaked those pictures because if she didnt she would have gone to a blogger and had them quote her like she always does when something goes wrong SMH she’s a damn lie and she’s coming to seattle tomorrow and i dont think im going to the event anymore lol

  15. most of the ones hating on her is females….and from all the blogs thats popping…all the guys keeping it real and telling the TRUTH!! ole girl bad for real!! GO MAVS btw!!!

  16. Well I blame the media. The media feeds into this whole naked picture thing. Personally, if people wasn’t so thirsty to look her “ass up” she wouldn’t get exposure. Seen we have perverted ass “people” in the world, women who would do anything for money will do exactly what people feed into: sex videos, naked pics,reality shows, break-ups etc…Blame those who care so much about bs.

    Amber honey, I’m a fan of you.I hope you’ll stop taking photos like this because you can easily mess up your career. <3 ya… vixen

  17. LEAVE AMBER ALONE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA0e0u5N64w #teamrosebud

  18. So many young Black children are told as kids work hard and you will get what you want. Then they see adults give attention to loose women and pants sagging thugs and WE wonder why kids continue to take THIS route instead of the the RIGHT route. If this was world star hip hop I would not be surprised for giving Amber Rose attention but I thought this site was classier. Oh well I guess everyone IS a hypocrite.

  19. @iLuLuOnline,

    We need to do a post on rules of nudes. LOL

  20. @iLuLuOnline, Ambers body is beautiful, and I think America has this concept that the black women is ruined if her body is seen whereas with an “all white women” the media would have already painted her as a victim. Amber doesnt have to be shamed, she is beautiful-all the way!

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