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So Gay Marriage Is Legal In New York…

Posted by on Jun 25, 2011 in Celebrity News, Politics | 3 comments

It’s official, New York has approved legislation that makes gay marriage legal. We know New York has a lot of gays with 19 million residents, so this legislation may transform the way people view marriage from this point forward. Gay marriages, or should I just say marriage (for all), may begin as early as July. Although the bill has passed, it will allow religious organization to NOT participate or allow their facility for use during such weddings, if they so choose. So the religious community can basically opt-out of facilitating gay marriages. The bill passed on a vote of 33-29 in a state senate with a Republican majority.

Gay Marriage Legal In New York So Gay Marriage Is Legal In New York...

I don’t even know any gay people that want to be married, most of my friends are commitment-phobes, but if they ever change their minds, they can now fly to New York…IDK, what do you guys think, will the institution of marriage forever be change, or will it pretty much stay the same?

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Michael Jackson Baby!

Posted by on Jun 25, 2011 in Celebrity Death, Celebrity Honors | 5 comments

The first record (not CD or mp3) I ever owned was Thriller by Michael Jackson. I had a little faux blue jean record player suit case like the one below: (Y’all don’t know nothing about the denim turntable suit case)

Portable Blue Jean Record Player 2 Michael Jackson Baby!

Portable Blue Jean Record Player 3 300x224 Michael Jackson Baby! Portable Blue Jean Record Player 300x224 Michael Jackson Baby!

I begged my mother for that record player and as a surprise I also got Thriller. I wore that album out…scratches and all. The cover of the album was nice, but the fold out in the center was priceless!

Michael Jackson Thriller Fold Out Michael Jackson Baby!

So today, we will celebrate happy memories of one of the greatest entertainers in the history of the world. Many have tried to compare, but have ALL #fail.

micahel sexy jackson Michael Jackson Baby!

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