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MrsGrapevine.com: Royce Reed Sets The Record Straight On Basketball Wives Drama & Shaunie O’Neal Issues

Royce Reed is back for another season of Basketball Wives, and if you’ve seen the clip for Basketball Wives Season 3, you know there is a lot to discuss. This season just may be the best one, yet! I try to be fair and balance like Fox News, but who am I kidding. This is a Team Royce zone, and we’re awfully biased here.

In this interview, Royce Reed talks about her issues with Shaunie O’Neal . Royce talks about  being from the “hood” as well as her beef with Evelyn, and trying to keep it real on a reality show full of drama. Find out which cast mate she adores, and which one she has the most issues with.

Royce Reed Lingerie Basketball Wives 2 MrsGrapevine.com: Royce Reed Sets The Record Straight On Basketball Wives Drama & Shaunie ONeal Issues

Q: We saw the sneak peek of Basketball Wives Season 3 and it looks like more tension has erupted between the cast mates and Royce Reed. Last season, you came across as quiet and reserved while Evelyn Lozada became the show’s villain. This season Team Royce is more feisty and bold, what has changed between this season and last season?

The dynamic really hasn’t changed that much in my mind. I’m just more vocal about how I feel & with my opinions. I tend to sit back and watch without saying anything for a while then I like to form my own opinions. When you all 1st met me I was also meeting most of the other women also who’d already known each other for a while. It wasn’t my place to jump in & out of situations that didn’t concern me so I just sat back, ate my food & watched.

Q: Evelyn has done some pretty foul things on the show, like not revealing she had an affair with Tami’s ex-husband while he was still married to Tami, and yet Shaunie O’Neal always defends Evelyn and her actions in the media, and vouches for her character. Why is that, we can clearly see otherwise?

I think Shaunie defends Evelyn because she wants to keep her on the show. It’s a LOT of producers that run this show so she does not stand alone. Look at the credits & where they fall. I don’t start drama & she knows it but I do speak my mind. Shaunie will defend Evelyn & all her actions like a defense attorney. Right or wrong as long as she gets her check.

Q: But when it comes to Team Royce, it seems that Shaunie O’Neal runs to the media to take jabs. Is there something on the show that we are not seeing, that keeps causing friction between you and Shaunie?

Shaunie keeps causing friction with herself. She wakes up in the morning with me on her mind & tries to figure out ways to “mess with Royce”. I tend to ignore ignorance & that’s a pronoun in this sentence. She needs to go sit down somewhere. Shaunie does not own the air therefore I don’t need her in my life to survive. She is definitely not someone I want to spend my time on either. When she learns how to own up to her messiness & stop doing interviews like she’s so damn innocent then maybe people will consider her a little bit more real. Stop spreading rumors! She’s that, “Throw the rock, hide your hand” chick. All in all though, real recognizes real & Shaunie is looking really unfamiliar right now.

Q: In a recent interview with Necole Bitchie, Shaunie accuses you of being, “DRAMA?” Quote: “I think the rest of the girls and I have realized that Royce is the type of woman that constantly has to have some sort of drama going on, so we’ve come to expect it.” Are you orchestrating a lot of the drama, or are you being used as an escape goat for your cast mates’ behavior?

Shaunie can never stand on her own 2 feet. She always needs cosigners or she always has to say “everyone thinks or everyone feels” which is NOT true. Tami & I are extremely close & I have no issue with Ashley or Suzie. My issues with Jennifer are not drama filled, it’s based on an opinion & Evelyn & I were never friends in the 1st place. I’m definitely being used as an escape goat because I refuse to kiss Shaunie’s ass & they will never come at Tami sideways either.

Q: Shaunie O’Neal also reveals that you and Jennifer are beefing over leaked photos. Quote: “She’s involved in some drama now, with Jen over the leaking of Royce’s pictures. So I try not to deal with her.” That’s a bombshell to drop! What’s going on between you and Jennifer and these “pictures”? What “leaked” pictures?

I think that was a misquote because I don’t have any naked pictures out. Only photos out of me lately are my lingerie ones that I posted.

Q: Honestly many of us thought the beef between the cast  was orchestrated to generate publicity for the show, but in a clip for Season 3, we see that you and Evelyn actually come to blows. How did things get so serious, and what sparked the fight?

You will just have to watch the show to find out. (Note: This is a revised answer, once the episodes airs I will reveal what Royce Reed really thinks of Evelyn and the situation. Can’t give all the goodies away!)

Q: Now I saw that clip of the fight, and you were like a ninja ready to take Evelyn out!!! Compared to the cast you are petite, but we never see you back down from a fight, and if the producers wouldn’t have broken up the fight we think Team Royce could have taken out Team Evelyn (LOL). How tall are you? Where do you get this fighting spirit?

I’m 5’3 & although I don’t condone violence I wasn’t raised to let anyone punk me. I’m small but I learned how to defend myself at a very young age & I took boxing for 2years. I’m not afraid to take a hit but I know how to duck & weave then swing. I tell people all the time “I’m from the hood, like really really really from the hood”… I just look like this & talk like this because I’m educated.

Q: What is your relationship to the newest member of Basketball Wives, Meeka Claxton? How is your relationship with Tami this season?

Tami is great! Love that girl. Meeka, you have to wait & see.

Q: Last but not least, what can we look forward to seeing from Royce Reed this season?

I think you’ll still see Royce being Royce. They didn’t have a chance to really film me doing my book signings for my book, College Girls that’s been released or rehearsing for the play Cheaters that I’m going on a 14 city tour for. I also hosted an FDE fashion show/event for the Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Overtown Youth Center but they were unable to film that as well. It kinda sucks but it is what it is. I’m honestly not really sure if they’re going to show my business side because unfortunately when I’m working I’m not in Miami a lot where most of filming was done. In any case, hopefully you’ll get to see more of who Royce is under the surface.

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  1. Shaunie is a old tired chicken. Haven’t cared for her since that stunt she pulled on gloria. Royce is right shaunie is one of many producers #notrunningshit.

  2. Shaunie is a follower and so hypocritical. Royce don’t put up with her mess and does not back down, which I respect. Shaunie is laughable, she is laughing to the bank-getting paper off of non-sense.

  3. Team Royce all day everyday, loves her! And Shaunie is an instigator…because at the end of the day it’s about the all mighty dollar for her.

  4. Love the show!! Love Royce!! Her and Tami are as real as it gets!!

  5. Shaunie is twofaced and an instigator. She excuses bad behavior from Evelyn because she’s her friend. She’s a bitter old bully. Tami and Royce are the most real ones on the show. So glad someone finally called out Shaunie and doesn’t just kiss her ass. TeamRoyce

  6. Can someone please tell me how fucking a ball player makes you a celeb?Whats with the world when we celebrate mediocerism?smh….

  7. I do not like Meeka she is a trouble maker ( she is the type of person you keep at a arms length)

    How come Jin didn’t know Eric sold the condo? Only after he told her she had to move.

    Why it seems as if Royce is the “NEW” Gloria cause everyone seems to be going at her hard. Why is everyone focused on she was a dancer who began dating a person (who wasn’t married) they are acting as if she messed with their husband.

    Evelyn gives off the impression that she jealous of Royce. Yup! I said jealous that is the impression she gives me, I understand you do not like a person,but Evelyn is going over and beyond with Royce.

    Shaunie is an instigator.

    It seems as if everyon have a lot of unresolved issues that they need to deal with.

  8. Royce l!ke a tadpole beatn da hell out a $nake nest-dat one got rapz on all 3 ov dose itty b!tty m!ndless creapz-how 3 hoez thnk itz kool 2 gang up on 1 real woman-it goes 2 $how how t!ny ov $elf esteem da 3 has-if dey pay attent!on 2 Royce da foolz could learn $elf respect & alot more dan puttn dem selves $o low 4 a dollar! Itz not kool {Evl!ne} 2 fucc $o many men 2 adjud!cate ur image. $o $ad 4 u.

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