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Jennifer Hudson Demands Apology From Bossip

Jennifer Hudson was so upset about a story posted on the celebrity gossip website Bossip, that she got on her twitter page and went off. Apparently, Bossip made a comment that no one would buy Jennifer Hudson’s new weight loss self-help book, unless she packaged it with her family’s tragic death. O_o

According to Bossip, they were re-posting a story from Page Six, that claimed Jennifer Hudson had a hard time finding a publisher for her book. They felt that it was a misunderstanding in the way the story was published, and did not intend to hurt Jennifer Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson Beef Angry Bossip Twitter 2 Jennifer Hudson Demands Apology From Bossip

Costume Gala Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson Demands Apology From Bossip

Jennifer Hudson was so mad after reading the Bossip headline, she dropped the f-bomb on twitter. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or seen her curse. Now the singer is demanding an apology from Bossip.  I actually think she deserves one! Check out what she wrote on twitter:

Jennifer Hudson Beef Angry Bossip Twitter Jennifer Hudson Demands Apology From Bossip

As a blogger, I know it’s easy to forget celebs are human and have feelings, too. But I am not sure why anyone would think it’s okay to make jokes about a person’s family that died in a tragic event– famous or not.

Anyway here are the details of the story and plus Bossip’s side of the story:

cp Jennifer Hudson Demands Apology From BossipBossip reprinted an article from the New York Post, which claims that Hudson is finding it hard to get a publishing deal for her proposed book about her weight struggle and her dramatic weight loss from a size 16 to a size 6. Apparently, publishers are holding out her $1 million-plus demand for the deal until she agrees to talk about the horrific slaying of her family in 2008.

A publishing insider told The Post, “It was disappointing. Her book about her diet is really appealing and wonderful. But if you spend a lot of money on the book deal, you want it to sell. With no talk of her family, we didn’t think it was worth it.”

Hudson’s rep also told the trade, “I have no further comment, but your reporting is accurate.”

While it was The Post that ran the story, Hudson is furious at Bossip, which repeated the story on its website.

She wrote on Twitter: “Everyday I wakeup I’m constantly reminded how cruel n heartless the world is. So cold!! Wow! Bossip u owe me an apology!”

“Y would u take someone’s tragedy n build a story of nothing but lies! [sic]”

Bossip replied to the singer’s rants, with its rep telling Access Hollywood that it was just a misunderstanding.

The rep said on Monday, “We think what happened this morning is simply that Jennifer misread the headline on our post and reacted without ever reading the story.”

“What the story says is that she’s been shopping a book about her weight loss for four years, and while publishers are interested, they’re not convinced it’s worth the $1 million she’s reportedly asking for without her talking about her family.”

“The story we posted was based on a NY Post report, which also indicated that Jennifer DID consider writing a book about how she coped with the horrible ordeal she went through in 08, but decided the wound was still to fresh. According to the Post, her rep confirmed every detail they printed and we reprinted.”

“Never did we say or imply that JENNIFER was trying to capitalize on the horrible tragedy that cost her her family.”

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One Comment

  1. Poor Jennifer, that was so mean and she is right the majority of the world is cruel and insensitive. Blessings to her soul and heart.

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