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Full Video: Beyonce ‘Run The World’ (Girls) Video

So I finally saw the whole video for Beyonce’s Who Run the World (Girls), and I’m sorry, it didn’t give me life! I can easily see Keri Hilson, Rihanna, or Ciara in that video, and still have the same affect. In fact most of it was already done before: I saw Tina Turner in Mad Max, I saw Jennifer Lopez via Flash Dance with Jennifer Beals, I saw Janet Jackson in the Together Again video, I saw Shakira, I saw Rihanna in Run This Town, I saw Storm from X-Men, and someone from the Matrix. I guess I know why it’s called Girls.

Beyonce Girls Video Full Video: Beyonce Run The World (Girls) Video

I did like the shoulder work in the beginning, I guess I was hoping for more dance action like that in the opening scene. The first 30 seconds was hot! IDK, maybe it was just all the teasers and that short clip on American Idol that ruined the effect of the video for me. It wasn’t Single LadiesDid you like it?

I know the best is yet to come. With 72 songs being reviewed for the album, I know Bey’s real stuff is coming soon…

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  1. I liked it!!!!!!!! I thought it was going to be longer. The ending is cut short.

    • @Kristin,

      I liked the first part, and I was like yes, but after the first minute in the half, in just went down hill for me.

      I thought the ending didn’t quite fit the beginning.

  2. I dont see a problem with it….I think it’s ok..

    • @Mika,

      Keyword is “OK”. I thought it was OK too.

  3. Mrs G.

    Do you think she used a body double?

    • @That Girl U.N.,

      LOL LSA!

      I don’t think she did. I think she did all the dancing, it was just edited from different shots.

  4. (In my best Simon voice) That was absolutely horrendous. I was frowning but cracking up on the inside. That was extremely annoying. I can’t…its like her music just took 20 steps backward in the wrong direction off a cliff.

    • @Ella Bee,

      I think that’s the set-up, you know she has a great PR team. We are about to get hit hard with something GREAT!

      Well at least I hope, because that didn’t do it for me. LOL

  5. HATED IT! I am not at all a Beyonce fan however, I have seen much better from her! I will say that she looks pretty in green, she should wear more of it! other than that nothing nice to say…

    • @regina,

      I have seen better too. I know everything can’t always be great, but with so much hype and push backs I guess I had my bar set high, or higher than most.

      I won’t count her out because she always has something up her sleeve. I am waiting for the next single.

  6. I like the video but the song sucks!!!

    • @STEFANY, that’s exactly what I was about to write LOL!! That’s ashame because if the song was better this could have been huge for her.

  7. Yes I think it was one of her best video to date. I don’t know maybe she did use a body double, don’t care about that, just know that this video was the shit and yes it made the song much better.

  8. This track wasn’t written with Beyonce in mind awful..sorry still love Beyonce..hate the track.

  9. I do not like the song but the video is nice. I wouldn’t watch the video every time it came on because the track is draggy and repetitive

  10. I’m just now seeing the video & I’m kinda underwhelmed. I loved the beginning but Bey kinda lost me when she danced with the group of women.I love that she has a sense of sisterhood & promotes unity but that portion it felt a little cluttered & the dancing wasn’t as great as her solo with the men. And maybe its my age or I’m reading to deeply but the subtext of the movements during the all-girl portion said to me: We Run the World– ie p*ssy power, with all the booty popping, hip gyrating and opening/closing their legs.The video itself is visually beautiful.

  11. This is the worst video of this day & age!!!! After all that HYPE? Beyonce should be ashamed of herself! It was as big a letdown as Nicki Minaj’s long awaited Moment for Life video…No actually worse! Poor child what would she do if she ever had a hip fracture, or a pelvis fracture or a vajay jay fracture for that matter!?

  12. Not the full verse how bout u tell people 2go 2the real thing hater

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