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Fox News Is So Ridiculously Stupid For Common Outrage

Fox News looks really stupid right now, for trying to expose rapper Common for his “radical” association with President Obama.  In an attempt to distract us from President Obama’s successes, or from discussing the real issues concerning medicare, Sean Hannity and other Fox News hosts tried to create faux outrage against Common. Not Waka Flocka Flame, but Common. Not Gucci Mane, but Common. I think most black people as well as  hip-hop fans around the world were in a corner somewhere laughing hysterically at the ridiculous claims made by Fox News. Check out Common performing his outrageous, or not so outrageous, poetry during the White House’s Poetry Night:

The only problem here is that Common is the least outrageous rapper. All of this drama started because First Lady Michelle Obama invited Common to the White House for poetry night, and Fox News did everything under the sun to paint Common as a radical  misogynistic rapper. They took his lyrics out of context and associated him with the most radical people they could find. For a news organization that’s suppose to be fair and balance, they really failed this time. First Lady Michelle Obama did not back down and Common performed anyway.  Great Job!

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