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Chris Brown Catches Chest Cold; Cancels Concert

Poor Chris Brown has a “severe viral infection” of the chest on his 22nd birthday, and was forced to cancel a concert in Perth, Australia, according to doctor’s orders. In case you don’t believe him, the Cinco De Mayo baby tweeted a  pic and an apology:

Chris Brown has a strong work ethic, so I don’t doubt that he’s sick. Australian fans are a little upset, but a full refund will be issued. Get the scoop according to MTV when you continue:

Fans of Chris Brown have expressed their anger over his decision to cancel his gig in Australia at the last minute, after being struck with a severe viral illness.

As we previously reported, the Beautiful People singer had hoped to take to the stage at Burswood Dome in Perth last night, but was advised by his doctor to scrap the show over fears for his health.

Despite offering his apologises and issuing a statement that a full refund would be given to those who had purchased tickets, some fans Down Under seem less than impressed with Brown’s no-show.

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