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Bristol Palin Advocate Of Change: Plastic Surgery Edition

I don’t know what it is (actually I do) but there’s something very different about Bristol Palin other than her weight loss. I’m not saying she’s had some work done (maybe I am), but her chin and jawline are very different after she lost the weight. I will give you the before and after pictures and let you see how she looks now, and you can decide. I have seen many people lose weight recently, Jennifer Hudson and Raven Symone, but during the process their features and face didn’t change much (going from oval to triangle). I guess everyone loses weight differently (coughs plastic surgery).

Just more drama from the Palin Family, and I’m sure it will be the MSM’s fault. Check out the before pics and let me know what you think…

If she has it’s her prerogative, but please don’t lie about it, when we see you everyday.

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