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Oh Snap! The Dream Does Change Diapers

This is the first time I’ve seen The Dream alone with his daughter Violet Nash, by ex-wife Christina Milian. This picture doesn’t prove he changes diapers, but at least he’s pushing a stroller and spending quality time with his daughter, who is now 14 months. I also hear mommy and daddy have been getting along very well.

The Dream With Daughter Violet Nash Oh Snap! The Dream Does Change Diapers

You can check out more pics at Black Celebrity Kids, but I just found that amusing considering he made the following comments regarding his daughter:

The Dream on changing diapers and feeding Violet:

I don’t because my “helping out” turns into expectations. I’ll get Violet on a late night maybe one or two times, but after that, no. If Christina’s tired, call the nanny, call Violet’s granny. We got people.

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One Comment

  1. Mrs. Grapevine why you have to go and remind me this fool said that….SMH!! I just can’t with him, sometimes people should keep their thoughts to themselves, I don’t care if they are asked a question…expectations really, how about basic responsibility for a life you helped create.

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